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New England Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts says he was attacked by police in an incident due to a race

Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts was involved in an incident with police at his home in Richmond, Texas, a suburb of Houston, in March, which he believes was racially motivated.

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Roberts was arrested near his home and ordered by police to stay in his car quickly on March 10.

"I have not started the traffic stop, the big black man got out of the car," the officer said in the video from the dashboard camera obtained by USA Today. "I told him to go back in and he was not going to comply, I had to shout at him quite loudly."

Apparently Roberts' wife came out to see what was going on, but was immediately told to go back inside. After nine minutes, Roberts was told he was stopped for speeding. The images from the dashboard camera show that it was going at 59 mph in a 35 mph zone.

"Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens to African-Americans too often," Roberts told USA Today. "People are becoming insensitive to them. Be harassed in your own yard simply because you're a big black man & # 39; It should never become the norm. For the person who is being harassed, it is frightening, disrespectful and shameful.

"I have no interest in making financial gains by publishing this story, my only hope is that this type of bias-based stoppages can end and that, perhaps, other black drivers can see how to disqualify a threatening situation."

The Patriots linebacker filed a complaint with the department 10 days after the incident, but nothing ever happened.

The court records show nothing of the matter and there is nothing in Roberts' file. His lawyer said that the police backed down once they realized exactly who he was.

"The subpoena was never processed by the sheriff's department and sent to the court to present it," said Jennine Hovell-Cox. "We believe that once the Watkins deputy supervisors watched the video of the dashcam and realized who Elandon is, the decision was made to stop everything. Elandon began receiving phone calls from the sheriff's office a few hours after the "stop," apologizing and telling him that the ticket was being "fired."

Roberts and the Patriots open training camp on July 25.

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