New details of Sea of ​​Thieves Pring During The Game Awards –

New details of Sea of ​​Thieves Pring During The Game Awards


By Catrina Dennis

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<figcaption> (Photo: Rare LTD / Microsoft) </figcaption></figure>
<p>  Yesterday, during the Microsoft ExtraLife game marathon, the general manager of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, confirmed that there is more news about the date <i> Sea of ​​Thieves </i> "Coming Soon." Developed by Rare and published by Microsoft, the exclusive Xbox is an action-adventure game with ultra-realistic configurations and designs. invited to the final alpha test of the game, which means it's just <i> both </i> closer to being finished – or at least news about how the beta will work. </p>
<p>  During the broadcast, Greenberg caused a ad <i> by Sea of ​​Thieves </i> at The Game Awards, alent Enthusiastic enthusiasts to tune in, but I was not exactly specific about what they should expect. <i> Sea of ​​Thie ves </i> has already been nominated for an award that qualifies it as the most anticipated Game of 2018 on next week's show, so it's very likely that a release date will come, as well as other news or more initial glances to the game in development. with the appearance of Rare in the show. </p>
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We are delighted that #SeaOfThieves has been named "Most Expected Game" by the @windowscentral The prizes to the best games of 2017! Everyone aboard the bbad drum!

– Sea of ​​Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) December 1, 2017

Adding to all this a new tweet from the producer game executive, Joe Neate, who scoffed at an interesting cameo that told fans to "get [their] a ready gif game".

Not only #SeaOfThieves came news in the game prizes, but possibly the best confused creature cameo of all time. Prepare your game gif. Five more sleeps …

– Joe Neate (@ JoeNeate1) December 2, 2017

The game has the potential to be a standout for the Xbox One X, with 4K graphics for a crisp and beautiful game. Stay tuned for more updates on Sea of ​​Thieves and news on everything we can expect at The Game Awards.

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