New details about viral video of nurse unconscious after COVID-19 vaccination

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A video nurse’s unconscious video has gone viral after the COVID-19 vaccine was vaccinated, with many questioning the safety of preventive treatment.

In fact, some Facebook users who shared the video claimed that it would lead to a “mass massacre”, which, according to Reuters, is wrong. The nurse later confirmed that she had a disease where she fainted when she was in pain. The vaccine has undergone safety testing by Pfizer and the FDA.

In the video – which she took after receiving the Pfizer vaccine – Tiffany Dover, the nurse, is telling a reporter how excited she is to receive it, but she then feels dizzy and faint. The Facebook video caption reads, “See this nurse after receiving the COVID vaccine. Is it so safe though? It would become a major massacre, if people continue to follow these harsh dictators. “

After recovering, Dover — who is a nurse manager at a hospital in Tennessee, Tennessee told WTVC-TV, “It just killed me all of a sudden, I could feel it. I felt a bit disinterested but I feel fine now, and my arm is in pain. “She then explains her medical condition, which makes her unconscious when she feels pain. A spokesman for the hospital told Reuters that Dover “recovered quickly” after the incident.

The CDC acknowledges on its website that people may faint with vaccines. The Institute of Health writes that while it is unclear why this occurs, “scientists feel that the unconsciousness is due to the vaccination process and not to the vaccines themselves.”

The FDA approved Pfizer’s right to emergency use, allowing it to begin distributing its vaccines in the US on 11 December. On Friday, the FDA also approved Modern’s vaccine for emergency use.

Hear full details of Dover about the event below.

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