New design of NASA’s rover wheel inspired by the medieval chainmail armor


  New design of the NASA rover wheel inspired by a medieval mesh armor

It is said to be a vanguard of technological innovation, the American space agency is once again demonstrated when designing a new wheel design For your future rovers you not only do not tire, but you can also resist hostile environments such as those that are present on Mars and other planets.

NASA has named its new invention as the Superelastic Tire and according to the space agency while it has been developed for future missions to Mars, new tires are a viable alternative to pneumatic tires here on Earth as well.

Technological innovation is the result of the latest evolution of Spring Tire, which was invented by NASA Glenn and Goodyear and inspired by Apollo lunar tires. New tires use shape memory alloys that can withstand high stress as load components, instead of typical elastic materials. The novelty of the tires is that they can withstand excessive deformation without permanent damage.

The use of shape memory alloys as elements of radial stiffness has allowed NASA scientists to manufacture tires that have a higher load capacity.

The tire offers equal or superior traction to conventional pneumatic tires and eliminates the possibility of puncture failures, which improves car safety. This tire design also eliminates the need for an interior frame that simplifies and lightens the tire / wheel badembly.

Commonly used elastic and plastic materials (eg, spring steels, composite materials, etc.) can only be subjected to stresses in the order of ~ 0.3-0.5% before yielding. Therefore, the use of a NiTi shape memory alloy produces a superelastic tire that is virtually impervious to plastic deformation.

In addition, the use of shape memory alloys provides improved control over effective stiffness as a function of deformation, providing design versatility.

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