New Day Dances with HOFers, Goldust talks about Dusty Rhodes, former WWE women’s champion.


– Above, The New Day danced with The Rock & # 39; n & # 39; n & # 39; Roll Express and The Hardys on the last night Starrcade . In September, Jeff Hardy suffered a shoulder injury that is expected to keep him out for four to six months.

– Former WWE Women's Champion 3 times, Ivory, turns 57 today. Ivory debuted with WWE in 1999 and worked with the company until 2005. WWE sent Ivory good wishes on her Instagram.

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– WWE met with Goldust (who acted as "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes in the program the night before) and asked about his father, Dusty Rhodes, and what tonight meant to him.

"It was very special," Goldust said. "It's like when he was with me and Cody, and we fought with The Shield, it was special, every time I've been with him in the ring, it was special, but tonight, he was not there, and it was very emotional for me. Standing behind the video wall, listening to the package they took from dad and knowing all those heart promotions, just listening to him was 'Wow, this is so surreal' and he just brought it back. years since he left and it was incredible. "

EXCLUSIVE: Moments after competing as "The Natural", Dustin Rhodes talks about paying tribute to his father, Dusty Rhodes, at #WWEStarrcade .

– WWE (@WWE) November 26, 2017

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