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New conceptual art of & # 39; Black Panther & # 39; shows the world of Wakanda

The big screen debut of Black Panther is still only a few weeks away, but fans can take a look at the world of Wakanda in some new pieces of conceptual art.

The concept Art, which you can see in our gallery below, shows the designs of several prominent places Black Panther .

The first shows the design of the Shuri laboratory (Letitia Wright), which will have something to do with it. producing many of Wakanda's technologically advanced weapons.

"Regarding the technologically advanced side, in our mind and in our incarnation, Shuri is the head of the Wakandan design group." The Black Panther producer Nate Moore explained during a scheduled visit last year. "So she's, in our mind, the smartest person in the world, smarter than Tony Stark, but she's a 16-year-old girl, which we thought was really interesting, again, black faces in positions of power, or technology positions "That's a big part of the film."

Other pieces of conceptual art show Steptown, a neighborhood of Wakanda, as well as the palace's throne room.

For some fans, the aesthetic of the film almost seems torn from the pages of the comics Black Panther something that the creative team of the film certainly intended.

"I think there were definitely some points of inspiration, especially in terms of design that we got of the career of Chris and Ta-Nehisi, "said Moore." Brian Stelfreeze is an amazing artist, and some of his versions of Wakanda, and even Wakandan's technology, are things that we borrow from quite liberally. "

But the film also had to strike a balance between the aesthetics of the comic and the influences of the real world, something that the production designer Hannah Beachler contributed to the project.

"Many of your ideas that are outside the publication seemed interesting to us, because once again, one thing we really wanted to explore was real Africa, and a true African inspiration, and putting it on the ground in things that were terrestrial", said Moore. "Sometimes the comics are beautiful, but they feel so far away from what we know as real that they become too intense." One thing that Hannah, I think, did very well was explore the real African culture, and the actual design of Africa. , and infuse this genius new future technology so that it is something completely new, that we think is really interesting ".

Black Panther opens in theaters on February 16.

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