New Colgate eatery closes for two weeks after positive COVID result

A brand new takeout restaurant set up by a group of corn students in Corralgown has announced that they have shut down for two weeks after learning a member of their team “tested positive for trace amounts of COVID-19″ did.” Guests taking food from a take-only operation should not be at risk of transmission.

Photo courtesy 2 Stay 2 Go.

2 Stay 2 Go uses all the locally aromatic ingredients to “bring delicious food to Ithaca and help the community get closer in these challenging times” by Daniel Jones and Noah Horns.

“Following this call, we immediately ceased operations and contacted key members of Tompkins County Health, Cayuga Health, Cornell Health and Cornell Administration to discuss the next steps,” the group said in a statement Saturday afternoon. “Since we are 100% students, each employee is tested COVID twice a week. None of the other employees have tested positive at this time. ”

2Stay2Go says all employees were tested on Saturday morning, and are taking appropriate measures while awaiting results. The restaurant will remain closed for two weeks, and is expected to resume on October 30.

The restaurant opened just last weekend, with a novel menu approach: four entrances and four sides on each week’s menu, two items will remain for the next week and two will be gone, replaced by two new menu items. According to the Cornell Daily Sun, the group is working with Annie Quach, whose family owns and operates the High Hong and Vietnam restaurant on Dryden Road in Colgaun.

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