New clothes can help keep you cool even in summer without A / C

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According to the US Energy Information Administration, air conditioning and other space cooling methods account for about 10% of electricity consumption in the US. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Implemented Materials and Interfaces Has developed a material that cools the wearer without using any electricity. The fabric transfers heat, allowing moisture to evaporate from the skin and repel water. Watch a video about the new clothes here.

Cooling a person’s body is a lot more efficient than cooling an entire room or building. Various clothing and textiles are designed to do just that, but most also have disadvantages, such as poor cooling capacity; Large power consumption; Complex, time-consuming manufacturing; And / or high cost. Yang Si, Bin Ding and coworkers wanted to develop a personalized cooling fabric that could efficiently transfer heat from the body, while also being breathable, water repellent and easy to make.

The researchers created a new material by electrospinning a polymer (polyurethane), a water-repellent version of the polymer (polyurethane containing fluoride) and a thermally conductive filler (boron nitride nanosilates) into the nanofluores membrane. These membranes expelled water from the outside, but they had pores large enough to allow sweat to circulate through the skin and air. Boron nitride nanosheets coated polymer nanofibers, creating a network that conducts heat from the inside source to the outside air. In tests, the thermal conductivity was higher than in many other conventional or high-tech fabrics. Membranes may be useful not only for individual cooling, but also for solar energy collection, seawater desalination and thermal management of electronic devices, the researchers say.

Flexible material shows the ability to be used for heat, cooling in clothes

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Xi Yu et al., Thermocoactive, moisture-permeable, and superhydrophobic nanofibros membranes with interparted boron nitride networks for individual cooling fabrics. ACS Implemented Materials and Interfaces (2020). DOI: 10.1021 / acsami.0c04486

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