New case of COVID-19 found in Port Townsend woman

A new case of COVID-19 was discovered late Friday night in Jefferson County.

A new confirmed trial of someone with a coronavirus increased the number of COVID-19 infections in Jefferson County to 71.

The latest case involves a woman from Port Townsend.

Through Tuesday, September 14, a total of 7,499 people have been tested for coronavirus in Jefferson County.

A total of 7,357 people have tested negative for COVID-19.

Percentage of people in Jefferson County who have tested positive for the disease
0.96 percent.

Results of the trial are still pending for 71 patients.

Of the confirmed cases, 37 of those infected are female, and 34 are male.

Most of those found on COVID-19 are from Port Townsend.

According to Jefferson County Public Health, 37 COVID cases belong to Port Townsend. A total of 27 were found among the residents of the mid-county, and the remaining seven are from the south counties (Quilcyon, Brynone, and West Jefferson).

Jefferson County Public Health Director Vicky Kirkpatrick said there were no new cases over the weekend.

“The number of cases is still low and trending low,” Kirkpatrick told Jefferson County commissioners in their weekly COVID-19 update meeting on Monday.

Many of those who tested positive have come out of isolation, and others who were on quarantine due to potential COVID-19 risk are no longer in quarantine.

Kirkpatrick said the county is a bit lethargic with the new cases.

Local schools recently reopened, and Kirkpatrick said Jefferson County Public Health is providing assistance in answering questions.

“All of it went well from a COVID-19 perspective,” she said of the start of school.

“Schools have their plans in place and they were prepared and ready to go. So far, it looks good. “

Kirkpatrick also mentioned that public health officer Drs. Tom Locke has put together a protocol for school districts to know what to do if a student or staff member has symptoms like COVID.

He said that the reach of students and school staff will also increase.

Jefferson Healthcare has arranged testing at Quilsen at South County Clinic.

Kirkpatrick said that the test will be done at the Port Ludlow Clinic.

“Quilcene is ready,” he said. “It’s probably a matter of days, maybe a week or so after that” for Port Ludlow.

As of Monday, the two-week COVID-19 case rate (per 100,000 people) was 3.13 percent.

None of the deaths in Jefferson County are associated with COVID-19.