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New blue zone of PUBG makes the game more tactical

PlayerUnknown battlefields

The latest patch from PlayerUnknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds gives the meditative survival shooter a great welcome change of pace. The blue circle of Battlegrounds that progressively makes the playable area smaller, got adjustments in its speed and damage. Now, the players who survive the longest in Battlegrounds & # 39; death blender will face more interesting survival conditions while pursuing the number one spot.

Battlegrounds presents a blue circle that contracts throughout the game. Anyone who is out of that circle for a long time slowly bleeds and dies. Previously, the blue zone of Battlegrounds was rapidly contracting in the intermediate and later phases of the game. At the beginning of a game, the players could simply approach the place where they should be before getting a headshot without ceremony.

A graph of the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds that details the new changes.

Today's update changes the pace of the game. The blue zone closes quickly in the first few minutes of the game, which means that more players could get caught out of it earlier. That's a good thing, in my opinion: It means that players will not have the same investment in games that they are unlikely to do well. If they can not reach the playable area on time, and there are no vehicles nearby. Sayonara! Later in the game, the blue zone moves more slowly and does more damage. That increases the tension in Battlegrounds & the last phases are already tense.

In the half dozen games I played today, I noticed that Battlegrounds & # 39; pacifist strategy-where players hide in a distant bathroom until everyone dies, now it's much less viable. At first, the blue circle forces players to join. That means leaving the bathroom and finding another safe house while you are out in the open and vulnerable. For players who are far away from the playable area, it also means frantically searching for a motorcycle or car as soon as possible. As the speed of the circle decreases in the last game, the hiding strategy becomes more viable, only when it counts.

On the other hand, surviving among the top 10 players feels very different. I'm not sneaky, and I do not have accurate shot precision. But since the blue zone contracts more slowly in those phases, I could be a little more tactical about my next move (that is, prepare to move from a safe bathroom to another safe bathroom). Without having to act so fast, I could plan more, which would lead to more tense confrontations, which would make the first move, instead of a battle of brutal shooting skill.

However, if you get stuck outside the blue zone in those last moments, you do not have much time to stay alive. Once, when my duo team was # 4, I was stuck in a rock while my teammate was running at full speed. It only took me a few seconds for life to go away from me. As part of the environment Battlegrounds & # 39; it is not traversable, it stunk to die like that when I had worked hard to stay alive. That said, it's easier to savor the delicious last moments of a game Battlegrounds now, since they can last a little longer. Just do not be a mannequin.


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