New Black Ops Cold War “Dropkick” Game Mode Leaked

The combination of leaks and in-game teasers has revealed what we can see in the first DLC of the Cold War.

Currently, Black Ops Cold War’s Corpse ‘Dark Aether storyline has only one map, Die Mashine, featuring the classic map Nach der Deroten.

Fans are expecting new zombie content in December, but chances are we won’t see a new zombie map in Season 1 of the Cold War, as the roadmap teased ‘New Mode’ instead of a new map for zombies.

Leaks has revealed that the next map will be set in Vietnam and will be called Firebase Z.

YouTube channel TheGamingRevolution put together all the leaks and in-game teasers to predict what the next Zombies map will be.

The leak

Initial leaks for Cold War Zombies revealed that the game would launch with Die Mashine and a Vietnam map called Firebase Z. There is something called Firebase Z, which never actually came at launch, so it is likely that it will be a map of the next corpse.

A document was found in the game files that further teased a Vietnam setting. This Russian report will take the players to the Khe Sinh region of Vietnam.

Popular leaker Tom henderson, Aka Long Sensation, said that we probably won’t see a new map until February at the earliest.

Vietnam location

Screen Weaver is appearing in Intro Cinematic Two Zombies with several locations appearing – Vietnam, Russia and Berlin.

Along the leaks, a marker points to the real-life Kheh Sanjh base in South Vietnam. We visited Mission SOG in the original Black Ops, which included a detailed layout of the area that could be used as groundwork for the new Zombies map.

The campaign mission ‘Operation Fractured Jaw’ includes another real-world location, the Firebase Repcord. While we can see almost the entire base from the air, the players did not get a chance to find the base on foot.

However, a player uploaded a video of him exiting the mission and exploring the area. The textures are of low quality, but they found an interesting allusion to the corpse. The signal for the Doctors’ Quarters is the same model used for the quarters of Richtofen used in Xi Nu.

As players were never made to see this sign, there is no clear reason for its inclusion. This may mean that they are extending this location towards the corpse map. The Firebase Ripcord can be used as a foundation for the Zombies version of Khe Sanh, or perhaps players can see through both the portal or Dark Aether.

Boss fight

TheGamingRevolution has a theory on a possible boss fight for Firebase Z.

In Dark Aether on Die Machin, you can see the ghostly clarity of the monkeys. These monkeys are similar to the zombie monkeys on Shangri-La, so they can return to the jungles of Vietnam.

Graffiti on Die Mashine also teases a potential owner. There is a painting of a gorilla wearing a helmet that is similar to those worn by Viet Kong. There is also a painting of the Cosmic Silverback Boss from the Dead Ops Arcade outside the bunker. Both of these images, combined, could tease a boss like another gorilla for Firebase Z.

As well as completing the Easter Egg in Die Mashine, players can encounter a large monster made of trees, which players consider an Elder God. It is possible that this creature could return as an owner, similar to the tree monster in COD Mobile’s Xi no Numa.

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