New avengers: the final footage of the game reveals the state of the infinite stones and why Captain Marvel did not return so soon


Two scenes shown in CinemaCon are broken down.

By Jim Vejvoda

This article contains details of the plot about Avengers: Endgame! Although Disney showed it to the press, some may, nevertheless, find the following details in a disastrous way.

Disney showed two scenes of Avengers: Endgame in CinemaCon on Wednesday, images that revealed the status of the Infinity Stones and explain, to some extent, why Captain Marvel has not shown up so far.

The first scene takes place at the Avengers' headquarters and is the same scene in the trailer where Thor confronts Captain Marvel. The recording opens in the middle of the scene with Carol Danvers about to leave Cap, Banner, Natasha, Thor, Rhodey, Rocket and Nebula. There are no signs of Tony Stark or Scott Lang here. When asked where she is going, Carol says matter-of-factly: "Kill Thanos."

The Avengers tell him that, in general, they work as a team, but that does not disconcert Carol. Rhodey, of course, does not seem to like Carol, you'd think he'd be okay with a former US Air Force officer. UU And he answers where he has been all this time. Carol says that there are many planets out there that do not have Avengers to help them. That answer seems to adapt well to Cap.

Carol says she knows someone who can tell her where Thanos is. But Nebula does it better and says he knows exactly where he is. Nebula remembers how, even when it was dismantled, he wanted to please him. Thanos would explain his plan to her and would always give her the same answer as to where she would retire after it was fulfilled.

Rocket uses a hologram to show a planet where, two days before, the same energy signature that was recorded when Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet on Earth appeared again. That means that Thanos has used the Stones again. "So let's use them to bring everyone back," was mentioned during an exchange between Carol and the Avengers.

Banner wonders if things will go differently than the last time they joined Thanos, but Natasha says they owe it to those who lost at least trying, even if there is a remote possibility. Captain Marvel says the difference this time is that they have it.

The scene ends with a mediocre Thor who finally gets up from the table and calls Stormbreaker while he faces Captain Marvel. Your exchange from the trailer – "I like this one" – continues. Then Cap, the Boy Scout who once swore never, declares: "Let's go find this son of a bitch."

The second scene shows all the heroes, except Banner and Stark aboard the Benatar, with Captain Marvel and Rocket piloting. Rocket asks his pbadengers which of them has never been in space before. Cap, Natasha and Rhodey raise their hands. Rocket says he does not want anyone to throw up on his ship.

There is a foreground in Cap's eyes, the celestial light is reflected in them, while Benatar jumps to deform. End of the scene

So, how did these scenes of Avengers sound like: Endgame? Let us know in the comments!

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