New at-home COVID-19 tests can produce results in 15 minutes

A new COVID-19 test that can produce results in 15 minutes with the help of a smartphone app can become the first test that can be performed at home without being included in the lab.

Axios reported that biotech company Celex partnered with Gauss, a computer vision startup that uses artificial intelligence to develop a fast-reacting test.

The antigen test involves taking a NASA swab in both nostrils and then pouring it into a small vial filled with a buffer solution. The four drops are then extracted from the vial and placed on a test cassette.

Similar to the pregnancy test, the intensity of the lines will vary depending on how much any virus is present in the sample.

The test is then scanned with a smartphone via an app, which will use AI to notify users if they tested positive or negative – all within 15 minutes, Axios explained.

“By embedding advanced computer vision algorithms within a thought-provoking user experience, we can enable consumers to do a rapid test in their homes as well as for a trained operator or a lab device – just for their smartphone cameras. By using, ”Gauss CEO Siddharth Satish said in a statement.

If the FDA approves the diagnosis, it will be the first COVID-19 test that can be performed at home.

Celllex CEO James Lee said the test had 90 percent sensitivity and about 100 percent specificity.

Test sensitivity is the ability to correctly identify positive cases and test specificity is the ability to correctly identify negative cases – meaning that rapid-test is not always 100 percent accurate in detecting those with COVID-19, but What is almost always accurate in determining a person is not infected.

“What is important for XVIDI (COVID-19 epidemic management) is that it is a tool that will allow people to self-monitor and self-isolate,” he told Axios.

The FDA is expected to be submitted to the Emergency Use Authority later this year.