New Apple leaks reveal iPhone 12 design

08/09 update below. This post was originally published on 6 August

The iPhone 12 continues to surprise (both good news, bad news and unexpected twists), but we now know that perhaps Apple’s biggest problem with the new iPhones.

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Mysterious industry insider ‘Mr White’ has continued his impressive track record leaking Apple hardware, revealing the chassis for the upcoming iPhone 12. While this confirms the move to a more angular new design, it also confirms that Face ID will be the same size. And, as a result, the big run with the iPhone X in 2017 will not be any smaller in 2020.

08/08 update: another image of the iPhone 12 Pro screen panel prototype is now The leak And, unfortunately, it also seems that Apple is sticking to its Pro model with a notch. The chassis again confirms the angular design Apple will offer for the range, influenced by both the iPhone 4 and the current iPad Pro line-up. Having said that, even with Apple now all but definitely Gap fast refresh rate On all iPhone 12 models, the iPhone 12 Pro version, in particular, is losing its shine. Especially their thinking Asking significantly higher prices. Given this new leaked image is a prototype, some might expect Apple to have made a late, more ambitious, change but hints for the final iPhone 12 designs It is not looking good.

08/09 update: Further iPhone 12 components are now leaking as models enter mass production. As a result, Apple reseller JinStore has now acquired images of Apple’s A14 chipsetWho has tipped to give a Multi-generation leap in performance. The A14 will also be Apple’s first 5nm chip, bringing greater power efficiency (with a requirement) Those little batteries), Especially when multitasking. With other iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro falling under way as we get closer to release, a lot of weight is being put to dazzle on the A14 and it looks set to do just that. While the A14 is not an eye-catching feature, Apple generally prefers to sell its iPhones, especially with the A13 in the iPhone 11 range, and the iPhone SE has already gone much ahead of the competition, but the company has to continue with tradition in 2020. Expected to break up with.

Apple was widely expected to shrink the notch to the iPhone 12 line-up, and nearly every render showed that it would be a significantly better design. In addition, recent leaks also suggest that Apple will increase prices while reducing battery capacity, with the company’s decision making it possible for the fourth successive generation to stay on the same footing.

Said that, for those who hate, there is still some reason for optimism. While Mr. White did not reveal which iPhone 12 model the chassis is from, it is a new 5.4-inch entry-level phone. So it is possible that Apple has plans to roll out a small run with the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

However, furthermore, there remain attractive reasons for the upgrade. Most notably, all iPhone 12 models will come with 5G (with different versions), a multi-generation display jump, a wider range of screen sizes, and faster (potentially magnetic) charging. The Pro model will also add some radical new camera technology.

Which leaves all users at a crossroads. At least Apple has officially delayed the iPhone 12 release and the chances of a split launch are increasing, so you’ll have to lengthen your mind.


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