New AP Top 25: Clemson First, Wisconsin No. 3, Alabama No. 5


W ell, that was weird. The initial view on Sunday of the new Associated Press Top 25, that is.

There is no Alabama in position n. 1? We knew it would come after the Crimson Tide's 26-14 defeat at Auburn, but it's still strange to see that Nick Saban's machine had fallen on the poll every week since the preseason.

After the previous numbers 1 and 2 of the AP teams – Alabama and Miami – lost on the same weekend for the first time since 2012, we have Clemson on top of the new poll, followed by Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Auburn The Tide is fifth, followed by Georgia, Miami, State of Ohio, Penn State and TCU to complete the top 10.

Northwestern crushes Illinois 42-7 in an unrivaled environment
Notre Dame closes the regular season with a 38-20 loss to Stanford

Clemson's quarterback, Kelly Bryant, has the Tigers in a privileged position to return to the playoff. (Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

The voter poll has lost almost all of its influence in the era of college football playoffs, but is it a useful guide as we move into a major reorganization in the next playoffs? ? This week, anyway, the answer is yes. I hope the committee will release this Tuesday night: Clemson as his new number 1, followed by Oklahoma at n. ° 2 and the unbeaten Wisconsin or Auburn in n. 3. If the Badgers are third, the Tigers will be fourth, and vice versa.

Alabama is the only team hoping to be in the new topoff playoff, but even that is a big one. The Tide simply does not have the quality victories that a team needs at this time of the season to withstand a defeat.

Question of the week

Realistically speaking, who is still alive for the jump-off?

Let's see by conference, starting with the ACC. The winner of the title game on Saturday between Clemson and Miami in Charlotte, North Carolina, will be in excellent form. If the Tigers win, they will become the No. 1 seed in the tiebreaker. If the Hurricanes win, they should return to the four (eliminating Clemson) for the strength of their victories against the defending national champion, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

The Big 12 has Oklahoma locked in nothing worse than the No. 2 place if you defeat TCU for the second time this season. If the 10-2 Horned Frogs get a surprise in Arlington, Texas, and win the Big 12, they may have a small chance. But not really. The people in the league office definitely have their pompoms for the Sooners.

The SEC winner on Saturday in Atlanta – Auburn or Georgia – will be in the tiebreaker. The loser will not be under any circumstances. Simple truth? Alabama will encourage the underdog and wait to defend themselves, regardless of the results. Not so simple

The Pac-12 is a total remote possibility. If the USC beats Stanford a second time, we may have something to talk about. Again, but not really.

Then, of course, there's the Big Ten. If Wisconsin wins the State of Ohio in Indianapolis, the undefeated Badgers will be in tiebreaker four. (Imagine them in # 1 if Clemson and Oklahoma fall). If the Buckeyes with two defeats win, the debate over their worth will be instantaneous and deafening. Prepare to choose a side: Ohio State or Alabama

What do they say?

"Mike Riley has brought great professionalism and energy to the Nebraska soccer program."

Lost in the middle of the stupid season – with heavy hitters from Florida to Texas A & M to UCLA and many points among those who were in the coach carousel – was that hilarious phrase from the official statement of the Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos on the dismissal of Riley.

Energy? Mike Riley? Really.

Maybe for your next act, Nebraska will change your pet to a lazy one.

Big Ten power rankings

1. Wisconsin (12-0, 9-0): The best defense in the country! The best freshman that runs! So, why are the Badgers the least favored – by almost a touchdown – to Ohio State in the Big Ten title game?

2. Penn State (10-2, 7-2): Best two-loss team in the United States? Nah, we'll give that to Auburn. But the Lions of Nittany are the following

3. State of Ohio (10-2, 8-1 Big Ten): We know what the Good Buckeyes can do. But do we know when the Bad Buckeyes will appear? Because Bad Buckeyes can not beat Wisconsin.

4. Northwestern (9-3, 7-2): The best three-loss team in the United States? Probably not, but who cares? Wildcats have improved more than anyone since September.

5. Michigan State (9-3, 7-2): And here is your most improved team from last season. Changing the 2016 record of 3-9 was an incredibly heavy lift.

6. Iowa (7-5, 4-5): Good enough to beat someone and bad enough to lose to anyone. It's Kirk Ferentz's mode.

7. Michigan (8-4, 5-4): If Jim Harbaugh were to train Andrew Luck every year, he would be into something.

8. Purdue (6-6, 4-5): Boiler Up! Maybe a few dozen people will see the bowling game of this team, but it will still be great.

9. Indiana (4-8, 2-7): Coach Tom Allen signed until 2022. It seems relevant after the big mistake of man in a full first season.

10. Minnesota (5-7, 2-7): When P.J. Fleck talks about paddling in the boat, it does not mean a long vacation without a bowl during the winter holidays.

11. Nebraska (4-8, 3-6): Scott Frost to the Huskers? Everyone at Lincoln is dying to bring their son back home from UCF.

12. Rutgers (4-8, 3-6): We just checked, and, yes, they're still in the Big Ten. So there is that.

13. Maryland (4-8, 2-7): With members like these, who needs enemies? But we cheat the Scarlet Knights and Terrapins.

14. Illinois (2-10, 0-9): & # 39; & # 39; We Will Win & # 39; & # 39 ;? So far, it's just empty rhetoric.

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