! Never underestimate it! ‘: Trump’s tweet about Kim Jong-un after the Woodward Book dictator told the president that he murdered his uncle

A day after Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book extracts details of the extraordinary relationship between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the president again voiced support for the North Korean dictator.

Amid the revelations in the veteran journalist’s book, Anger, That Trump told him that Kim Jong-un “told me everything” and gave the president a “graphic account” of how his own uncle was killed.

On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted: “Kim Jong-un is in good health.” Never underestimate him! “

Woodward wrote that the president was impressed by Mr. Kim when he first met him in Singapore in 2018. The washington post on Wednesday.

Mr. Kim ordered the execution of his uncle and senior government official, Zhang Song Thek, in 2013 for suspected disagreements to the current regime.

It is unclear why the president felt the need to tweet about the health of the North Korean dictator, but rumors about Mr Kim’s health remain throughout the summer.

At one point it was also suggested that he was in a coma and some powers were delegated to his sister.

Mr Kim appeared at a party meeting in late August, with many rumors. He warned about the dangers of the upcoming typhoon and the current threat of the coronavirus epidemic.

Officially, North Korea has not recorded any cases of Kovid-19, but it is considered highly unlikely by outside observers. A major outbreak can devastate a country of 25 million people, often slipping into famine and relying too heavily on China.

In his meetings with North Korea, President Trump rejected intelligence officials’ assessment that when he decides to join the North Korean leader in nuclear weapons talks, inclusive countries will never give up their nuclear weapons.

He told Mr Woodward that the CIA had “no idea” how to handle Pyongyang and, at the same time, dismissed criticism about his three meetings with Mr Kim, cleaning up the summit was no big deal.

“It takes me two days. I met I didn’t give anything away, “he said, comparing North Korea’s attachment to its nuclear arsenal, which loves a house and” they can’t sell it “.

Mr. Woodward also received an exchange of 25 letters between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim, which the president described as a “love letter”.

According to CNN, which reported that two of the letters received scripts, Mr. Kim addressed Mr. Trump as “Your Excellency” and is lenient in his use of the language of flowers when describing his relationship with the president .

After his first meeting in Singapore, Mr. Kim wrote: “Even now I cannot forget the moment in history when I placed His Majesty’s hand firmly in a beautiful and sacred place, as the whole world with great interest Saw and hoped to regain that honor. day. “

The two leaders met a total of three times in the demilitarized zone, splitting Singapore, Vietnam and North and South Korea, one of which was the legacy of the Trump administration’s most notable foreign policy.

The meetings followed an increase in provocation by North Korea with its missile tests in 2017, and Mr. Trump responded on Twitter by taunting Mr. Kim as “Little Rocket Man”. In a famous tweet, Mr Trump threatened to reply to Pyongyang that “the world has never seen like fire and fury”.

In December 2019, Mr. Trump told Mr. Woodward that his decision to meet with Mr. Kim averted the war, and that America would have “gone to a major war” if he had not been President.

But then Secretary of Defense James Mattis taunted Mr. Trump early on by calling Mr. Kim “unproductive, childish, and dangerous”.

Mr. Woodward’s book is based on the associate editor in 18 interviews The washington post Held with Mr. Trump between December 2019 and July 2020.

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