Nevada Government Sisolak slogans Trump for organizing large indoor rally, violating state rules

Washington – Nevada Village. Steve Sisolak reprimanded President Donald Trump for violating state rules by organizing a 2020 campaign rally rally with thousands of people Sunday night.

In a long thread on Twitter, the Democratic governor said that Trump is “deliberately packing thousands in an indoor venue to hold a political rally” and “forgot that this country is still in the midst of a global epidemic.” “

Sisolak said, “It is an insult to every Nevada who has followed the instructions, made sacrifices and put his neighbors in front of himself.” “This is a direct threat to all of the progress we have made recently and could possibly set us back.”

The governor said of Trump, “as usual, he does not believe the rules apply to him” and accused the president of “reckless and selfish actions”.

Trump held his first indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada in months. Colleagues said each attendee would be checked for their temperature before entering the venue and would be provided with a mask that they were encouraged to wear. He also had the facility of hand sanitizer. However, like the president’s recent rallies, most supporters were not there to cover the face.

Henderson officials said in a statement late Sunday that officials warned the organizer of the event, both in writing and verbally, that they should follow the governor’s instructions, including not gathering in groups of more than 50 people, in the face. Covering up and social disturbances.

In response to criticism received for organizing the Trump Campaign 2020 Communications Director, Indoor Rally, Indoor Rally, said in a statement, “If you can join the thousands protesting on the streets, gamble in a casino , Or for small businesses in burn riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment to hear from the President of the United States. “

The president also held a rally at Minden-Tahoe Airport in Nevada on Saturday, where most people were not wearing masks or practicing social distance.