Nets Kyi Irving called critics on Instagram after Cavali’s two ‘humbling’ losses

The Big Three of the Brooklyn Nets did not begin as planned, as they have dropped back-to-back games against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that owns the third-worst offensive rating in the league. In the first loss to the Cavaliers, a game that went for double overtime, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden combined for 96 points, but Brooklyn could not hold Cleveland to the other end of the floor. In the second matchup, Durant did not play and Iring and Harden were not enough to beat the Pesky Cavs team led by Colin Sexton.

After the second loss to Cleveland, Irving said that Brooklyn received an 0–2 road trip as “two humble losses”, a crash course in realizing that it took some time before the newly formed super-seam hit. Going to do. Irving, however, took to Instagram on Saturday morning to remind critics that the Nets are still a championship-contestant.

“We’ll be in that stage. The stage where the best meet. You know, the main stage. Where they can, and the people who are doing it, can’t talk about it. Let’s rock. If you don’t Yes, you know you want to talk about our greatness! “

After missing seven consecutive matches for personal reasons, Irving rejoined the Nets in the first game against Cleveland. When Irving spoke to the media to address his absence, he kept it short and sweet by saying “it’s time to move on” with his off-center attention, resulting in a violation of the league’s health $ 50,000 fine and security protocol.

By joining Harden in the lineup, Brooklyn has produced the most powerful offensive attack in the league, with three of the most polarizing personalities. There are concerns about how Durant, Irving and Harden will be trapped in the locker room, and while the initial results in the court indicate that the chemistry is not yet at its peak, the three have only talked about each other. When Irving published that post on Instagram, Durant agreed with his teammates that the trio of stars are all on the same page.

Brooklyn is more than capable of making the NBA Finals, but there are some real issues on the defensive side of the ball that will have to be resolved before the championship rings into their future.

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