Nets’ James Harden is on fire as he returns’ home ‘to Houston

Nets star James Harden had an MVP-level performance Monday in San Antonio. That was just the warm-up, with the former MVP making his long-awaited return to Houston on Wednesday.

“Yeah, I’m excited to get back to Houston, where I basically had an amazing career there,” Harden said. “They showed me love and respect and I am excited to play in front of those fans. Yes, I am very excited. “

Harden won the past three scoring titles with the Rockets and challenged Golden State’s dominance in the West, playing with current Nets assistant Mike D’Antoni. But after the team exited the playoffs last season and forced a trade to Brooklyn in January, it is now returning for the first time.

“[My] the weather was great, “said Harden. “Obviously we fell short of winning a championship or even a final, but just the work I put in, I hope those fans appreciate all that I have done on and off the court and I still continue to do it off the court. court because it’s a place I call home.
“He is always at home and I feel that I continue to be part of everything, of the struggles and everything they go through. I’m excited to go back there and see the familiar faces, see my family and play a game and the last game before half-time. “

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Nic Claxton finished with a career-high 17 points in 17 minutes for an outstanding performance. He fired 7 of 9 shots from the ground, had three blocks, and jolted not only with his left ankle rolled but with a shot to the face.

“Feeling good. Back in the trenches honestly, get a little bumpy and keep playing, it feels good. Take care of my body and I’ll be ready when we face Houston,” Claxton said after his fourth game of the season.

“It felt good. I picked up a bit of a rhythm and I’m starting to get my legs back a bit so it felt good to be there and my teammates found me. James especially put me in scoring positions. When the game is that simple for me, I’ll take that free money every time. “

After Claxton was 13 in the second quarter alone, Steve Nash praised his mobility and his work.

“Nic, we know the talent,” Nash said. “We all believe in Nic’s ability and what he brings, but sometimes that development takes time. You can be quite prone to making mistakes at times, especially when you haven’t played much basketball, but your ability to move your feet really makes up for a lot on the court. You can defend multiple positions.

“He’s so active even when he’s dominated, he makes it really difficult on the biggest greats. Obviously tonight was his great game, but he has to keep developing, know the game plan, gain experience and confidence, but tonight he was great, and we all believe in him and believe that he can continue to improve.


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