Nets’ Big Three debut: Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kerry Irving’s blessings and loss in blessings

Kyrie Irving took a pass from James Harden and gave the Brooklyn Nets six points in less than six minutes for an unopposed left finger roll to begin the first game of the NBA’s latest Big Three – including Irving, Harden and Kevin Durant was involved. He made his first 10 shots, which was a strong confirmation of our wildest expectations, putting the ball in the basket with three of the world’s most prolific individual scorers.

But instead sit back and take the attack, familiarizing the narrative on the verge of revelation, the Cleveland Cavaliers changed their stance, protecting the zone to force adjustments and throwing a series of presses over the net. With Punyoso scoring 42 points for Coleen Sexton, the Cats finally spoiled the Nets’ new start to victory with a 147–135 double overtime win.

Durant said after the loss, “We started hot, to start 10-for-10.” He threw out the entire game in the fourth game, and once he released the zone we were down to 15 or 16 Were able to return to the game after being. Against youth teams, you know they are starting to throw. There are presses, zones, shaking their defenses – playing more alien rescue. You know, we just made up for it. “

Difficulty making adjustments was expected on Wednesday, with the Big Three playing together for the first time, but Durant’s comment expresses what will inevitably be the main obstacle for the Nets offense moving forward. When things are going well, it will be almost impossible to stop them, based on the individual talent of their three best players alone. But as defenses make adjustments and Irving, Harden and Durant move in and out of the slamp, how will Brooklyn differentiate its approach?

We saw a slight loss of this dilemma in the first half. Harden clearly looked to get the others involved early, as he did in his last two matches with the Nets, and on Wednesday he scored just two points on two – yes two – Field goal attempt in the first half. Last season Harden attempted more than one field goal every two minutes.

Harden did not want to force the issue, and his facility allowed Irving to score 17 first-half points, while Durant scored 11. points. Harden finished with 21 points, but did not really get into an aggressive rhythm as he attempted to flip the switch in the second half and overtime. Playing third-wheel for any stretch of the game is not something Harden is accustomed to, and you can see him struggling to decide when to control and when to avoid. All three stars looked as if they were hesitant to aggressively implement the issue and wanted to ensure that others were comfortable, which led to some forcible passing and poor turnovers, especially early.

“I’m trying to get a feel for this whole situation. It will come to me,” Harden said after the game. “I’m not worried. I’m not in a hurry – very, very patient. Things will come. That’s all – patience, communication and figuring out things we will do.”

Just as we saw the need for balance for the three elite scorers to try to keep each other connected, however, we saw that providing star power at the end of the games. As the Nets erased the Cavs’ 12-point fourth-quarter lead to eventually overtime, Durant had 11 points, Irving had 10 and Harden had seven points and four assists in the frame – each one for himself. Was able to make the shot or the will of a teammate.

Meanwhile the Cavs needed Sexton to be nearly perfect in the overtime period to come away with the win. It worked on Wednesday, but many times it would not. The Nets, by contrast, have to choose three All-NBA players to close the games – exactly why the front office made the trade.

So in his debut we saw both the blessing and the curse of being with Harden, Irving and Durant. It is going to take them a while to figure out how to play together and distribute opportunities. Many times, it is going to be very ugly. Defensively, we can already see that this is going to be a struggle – he has allowed 117.4 points per 100 possessions in three matches with Harden.

But at the end of the game, when most of the playoff fats are decided, they will have three players who will be able to win the Nets, and they are banking on the positives and eventually sharing the downside of the three superstars off the court. are doing.

“We lost many times, which is natural because we haven’t played together, so there’s a little indecision,” Nets coach Steve Nash said after the game. “But I remain positive. These people, it’s their first night together, just getting a feel for each other. It’s a process that’s going to take a whole year. While we’re all disappointed, we get a lot of Got it. Too many opportunities to develop, to develop, to create. ”

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