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Xiaomi version 5g of the Mi Mix 3. Ensures China's shareholder, the phone is similar to the Mi Mix 3 that was released in January with a sliding device for its & # 39; camera, but with the 855-soc Snapdragon, which includes an X50-5g modem.

Xiaomi and Mi Mix 3 5G appeared through a Skype video video based on its company about a 5g Orange-Korean network. The smartphone display was held there at the time of the Mobile World Congress, which started. Xiaomi says this is the first 5th call outside China.

The phone must be based on & # 39; similar to Mi Mix 3, but with 5G. However, Snapdragon 845's Mi Mix 3 runs and this new change has been on Snapdragon 855. When the Sd855 was released in December, Qualcomm said that the new world's leading cooperative exhibitions to deliver better compared to 845 to 45 per cent. Although a decision at the end must show how large & # 39; in which the difference between both, a gap is indeed possible.

It is important to note that the X50 modem in the Snapdragon can not use 855 per 5g fire that will be used in Benelux. So the question is that this device can be used on 5G networks in the Benelux and with the providers. The follower who was designed on this modem, the X55, and # 39; Supports more than 5g bands and can reach a higher speed.

The Mi Mix 3 5G comes to the colors black onyx and blue sapphire on market. The introduction will take place in May and the device will be installed; an initial price of 599 Euros, which is almost 100 more than the first. Between the nose and the bills, Xiaomi also says that more than 224 million smartphone users are now involved in Miui, the company's Android shell.

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