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The AEX 0.3% was lower at 534.5 points at a quarter after four. Changed to retransmit from Unilever (€ 0.36) and Shell ($ 0.47), which costs two points, the index was changing around the Wednesday timetable.

AMX rises 1.1% to 737 points.

The majority of European stock exchange was a bring forward benefits. DAX Germany lost 0.5%. The French CAC-40 were not changed.

US stock market marks have started lower. After 45 minutes trading, Dow Jones's index was 0.4% saved and Nasdaq's index 0.1%.

Departments were sold after half-past three news stories sold in December of Scotland fell by 1.2%, the largest cut in more than nine years. "This is a big backup, especially since a small amount has been paid. It shows that consumers who are important to the economy start to & # 39 ; get a harder time, "says Simon Wiersma, INR.

He says that band investors who look at the global economy are more profitable than equity investors. "The sharp decline in 10-year rates in the US, Germany and Japan, for example, shows aircraft to safe places."

It is hoped that the US and China will negotiate a contractual contract; Loss of stock market within borders. The American president Donald Trump is likely to extend the date on March 1 for the increase in trade tariffs on Chinese products with 60 days. Wiersma: "I think something of a contract will come to show the goodwill. However, the opportunities of a whole agreement are small, as they do. giving more time to agree in an intellectual property area. "

An investment advisor, Rein Schutte of Boer & Olij Securities, asks owners to pay attention. He says that the good news about the progress in trade talks has already been on price and is not sure that there is a temporary economic solution. "The dangers of trade disagreements between the US and China as well as Brexit have not been strong. So it is still sure to build economic growth again."

DSM and Arcadis wanted

A chemical company DSM he won less than 7.6%, after seasonal results better than expectations.

Figures NN Group too. 1.2% insurer climb.

Business partner Aegon only 5.7% had reintroduced its seasonal numbers.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield 5.6% lost. The estate agency's statement has increased an annual profit, but gave a disappointment.

Engineering company Arcadis Excellent middle-middle assets with more than 18%, after the results have been published. KBC reviews the strong working capital and the good cash flow.

SBM ashore (+ 7.2%) expects to achieve more revenue on last year's seasonal and lasting results, with slightly lower operational output. The service doubled its marine oil supply and bought its own shares, which resulted as a result, according to KBC.

The automator was imported into the AScX index Ordina 5.5% won after annual results were better than expectations. Onwards 8% lost, in response to poor prognosis.

Course Rabobank Certificates 0.5% climb on local market. The bank has been maximizing its output in 2018.

European partners Coca-cola 0.6% added after the publication of annual figures that met all expectations. The smart drink bottle was positive about 2019 and announced a new share repository program.

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