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"The German hacker can not act alone" NOW

The German who would have distributed personal information to politicians and others may not have acted alone. He made a confession, but during the interrogation he could not show the detectives how he got the information.

German stations report that ARD, rbb, NDR, WDR and the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung Wednesday Maybe he had one or more accomplices.

Johannes S., 20, from the Land of Hesse, was arrested about a week and a half ago. I would have used the now blocked Twitter account @ _0rbit to distribute phone numbers, addresses, invoices, chat details and credit card information for people.

He did it step by step with a kind of Advent calendar. The data breach caused a great uproar in Germany. About a thousand people would have been deceived.

The suspect said the victims had annoyed him with his statements. All parties, except the right-wing populist AfD, were affected.

After their confession, the detectives put the suspect in front of a computer. I had to show how I had gone to work there. At that time, it seemed that he could not evade the two-step verification, while the author would have come to the information.

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