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Reinout and Danielle sell villa Laren | NOW

His spacious villa in Laren has been on sale since 2015, but now Reinout and Danielle Oerlemans really leave the house in Gooise, where they have had so many happy years with their family.

Danielle Oerlemans allows Instagram to know that with pain in their hearts they say goodbye to a place where they have created many memories as a family.

"With mixed feelings we said goodbye to our house that gave us so much love, we are very happy that a young and beautiful family has found this unique place, just as we did 12 years ago, with so much history and who will create their own memories. continued, it's time for the next generation, it will always remain that special place for us, which we call our home for a long time. "

Reinout and Danielle Oerlemans gave themselves the floor in 2008 in the garden of their villa in Laren. And their children grew up before the family finally made the crossing to Los Angeles.

The building sold for 6.2 million euros, but finally sold for 6.1 million euros, according to an employee of the sales agent Voorma and Walch. Appointment.

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