"Prices for AH 5 per cent higher, at Jumbo 4%"

Between 1 September and the end of March, Albert Heijn increased journal prices by about 5% or more. Jumbo increased by 4 per cent over the same period. This includes the VAT promotion that started on New Year's Day.

The figures come from Daltix, a company that charges prices from supermarkets, amongst others. In September Daltix set up a shopping basket with 500 products from 100 A-branded manufacturers such as Douwe Egberts, Calvé, Heineken and Peijnenburg. "We have been continuing to develop these prices for a while now," Bart de Vuijst from the Belgian data company originally said.

The two main types of country in the country used different methods: Jumbo already started charging prices in November, usually by AH on 1 January. "Overall, we see only a small increase, a big increase. That's a little more than the VAT increase of 6 to 9 per cent, meaning. Raw materials are getting more expensive, that is higher wages t all included. "

Private brands are not included in the analysis as they are more difficult to compare.

More sustainable

The Daltix competitor IPV data came to similar conclusions earlier and they now see a diminution in price valuation. "Until mid-January, price shifts have been very large, after which the picture is more stable. But we are monitoring the effects," said Matthijs Neppelenbroek of IPV data.

He still says that many changes still have to be made. "There are lots of prices in supermarkets, mostly to go up to 9. That's in mind, because of the increase in VAT there are now many strange prices on the shelf. "Neppelenbroek said".

Jumbo response

Jumbo states that prices are changing as a result, for example, varying purchase prices from suppliers, competition prices and changing laws and regulations. "We always change prices according to the price," said Jumbo. AH doesn't want to answer as he says he has too little information about the research.

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