Minister threatens to decrease accreditation of Islamic University of Europe

Minister of education Ingrid van Engelshoven criticizes the Europe Islamic University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. It threatens to withdraw the accreditation of the bachelor's and master's degree if the university does not have the affairs in order within three months.

If the minister withdraws the accreditation, students will no longer receive a diploma recognized by the government and no student grants. The school will then no longer receive a subsidy.

The minister had the university examined by the Inspectorate of Education and by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization. The two research reports show that the administrative and financial continuity are not guaranteed.


According to the inspection, it is unclear who is in the foundation board and who is responsible for what. The budget is unrealistic and the university can not provide insight into its financial position for several years. In addition, there are concerns about the quality of education.

The Europe Islamic University of Applied Sciences was already under increased surveillance and has been in the news more often in recent years. Fraud has been investigated several times.

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