Family Ivana Smit: 'They clearly wanted us away' Interior

Father Marcel Smit: "It was an accumulation of events through which we decided to leave. But it was mainly fear. We have offended the Malaysian authorities by our criticism of the police investigation into the death of Ivana. "

He tells that the Malaysian lawyer who assisted them in Kuala Lumpur made promises to the local police without the consent of the family. Among other things that there would be no more talk with the media. ,, From that moment on we felt really powerless. What else could we do as private individuals there? "

,, It was clear that they wanted to leave us and that was very unpleasant. There was also a police car with four agents in front of our hotel. Moreover, no cooperation was given in the meantime, there was no openness about the progress in the investigation. I'm afraid I've been too open and honest in public. "

Crime or accident?

Ivana Smit (18) died a week and a half ago in Kuala Lumpur, where she tried her career as a model of the ground to get. After an evening of partying with a wealthy American businessman and his wife, she went home with them, an apartment on the 20th floor in the Malaysian capital.

Around half past seven in the morning Ivana had contact with her boyfriend Lukas Kramer. She sent a selfie and announced that she would stay with the couple, so he did not have to worry.

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A few hours later Ivana was dead. Her naked body was found on a balcony on the sixth floor of the same building. To date, it remains unclear what happened to Ivana in the hours between sending the selfie and her death.

The local police do not want to respond to the story of Marcel Smit.

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Read more in De Telegraaf tomorrow.

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