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Japan's account of Pokémon has released a search of the future redirect of Mewtwo Strikes Back. The video shows a new style of vision; at the repository. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution is released in Japan in July.

In the Japanese-language trainer, you can see short scenes from the film, especially those with a Pokemon. The human characters are not so covered. The video starts with mew a & # 39; burn from a water base and fly to a mountain. The laboratory can be seen where the pokemon is cloned. The last scenes appear to play in the area where the final Pokémon is in; battle each other.

The film was named last year with a short teaser on YouTube. Tweet off official Pokémon account to show that international information about the film is released. Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution will be released in Japan on July 12. According to IMDB, the film will be released on November 17th in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Nothing is heard about distribution in the Benelux.

Mewtwo Strikes Back a & # 39; first Pokémon film and came out in 1998. Mewtwo finds out in the movie that he is cloned to be used as a weapon and therefore wants to take revenge. It invites a number of Pokemon trainers to go to; Competition in the island against the best training in the world. If the appliances receive a breakdown, they try to stop their plans.

It's not the only Pokémon movie released this year. Pokémon Detective Pikachu will also be released in May. That's a film with a new story and Ryan Reynolds in his lead role as Detective Pikachu. This movie will combine living elements with CG images. New rushes also appeared this week from that movie.

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