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Colleagues about winning André van Duin: 'We did it all at school'

"Cola, chips and watching the whole family together and laughing". Comedian Jandino Asporaat has lively memories of the period in which he sat as a child on Saturday evening for a new episode of the André van Duin show . "You like it or you do not like it, we loved it."

His mother, his brothers, his sister and the neighbors: the next day they were still talking about such an episode. "We all did André van Duin at school." Laughing: "Now it's all Drake and Jay-Z, but then it was André van Duin, who was really hip."

'Heavily inspired'

Flip Whistle, Mr. de Bok, Jan Wijdbeens; these are just three examples of the roughly 366 types that Van Duin played, as the jury remembers: "His humor is timeless, flat, simple to understand, he does not want to tell or rub us in like other comedians, he simply wants to make us laugh . "

Jandino, known from The Dino Show calls Van Duin a great source of inspiration. "I have so many memories of those scenes: with Frans Dusschoten with the Chinese, with Corrie van Gorp in the park, I started doing stand-up comedy, more American style." Last year I thought I wanted to make a farce at the way of André van Duin, which was a success, when I wanted to stop stand-up comedy and just make farces. "

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