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Arrests after & # 39; head kick video & # 39; Spijkenisse | Metronieuws.nl

Police in the Rotterdam region arrested two young men suspected of seriously damaging their colleagues on Monday night, the reports said. RTV Rijmond.

In a video that circulated on social networks and on the video web. Dumpert It is to see how a teenager is beaten by two children. This is anything but gentle, it is hit in the face and worked against the ground. If it is lying on the ground, it is also pressed.


After the images went online, they reacted with great horror. The police could also see the images and proceeded to publish a search message. According to local residents, the Waterland district in Spijkenisse was recognizable in the video.

Two teenagers of fourteen and sixteen reported to the police station on Monday night because they had something to do with the heavy abuse. Meanwhile, investigating the circumstances of the violent incident, police are still investigating if there are more suspects.

The victim has also been contacted. It is not announced how it is ready. The images that circulate leave little to the imagination and can be experienced as shocking.

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