Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker’ shocked viewers with graphic visuals

Even self-proclaimed true-crime enthusiasts are struggling with graphic content in Netflix’s new documentary “Night Stalker: The Hunt for the Serial Killer,” Richard Ramirez, who was convicted in 13 murder cases. Describes the attempt to catch and 11 counts of sexual assault for his crimes in California in the 80s.

Since the series debuted on Wednesday, it has received mixed reviews. So far, it has earned a strong 83% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes, but a review on the Roger Ebert website gave it only 2 1/2 stars, explaining that it was “tabloid-esque in its craft” and ” A little disappointing “. “Compared to recent, similar series.

Some Netflix viewers have questioned why the streaming giant chose to show so much imagination of Ramirez’s crimes.Netflix

Many Twitter users have voiced concerns about Ramirez’s gruesome acts.

“Watching the new Netflix Night Stalker series. There is no need for them to include victim crime scene photos and slo-mo blood splitter shots,” wrote a person.

“Jeez, Night Stalker is a wee dark and not creepy on @NetflixUK? I love true crime docs, but even I find this one very dark and twisted. It’s impossible to stop watching though! ” The couple one more.

A third person Despite repeatedly watching the documentary, the show shares “f — ed (them) up”.

“Jesus Christ I hope the makers of the Night Stalker documentary were allowed such dull shots of graphic crime scenes from the families of the victims,” ​​someone else Tweeted.

one more This is called a “difficult scene” and said that they were unsure whether they would be able to finish all four episodes.

The episodes themselves do not begin with warnings of graphic imagery, but the series is rated TV-MA due to “nudity, sexual violence, language, smoking” in the series’ descriptions on the Netflix site and is not recommended for 17. Younger audience. Netflix did not immediately respond to Today’s request for comment.

During a court appearance in 1985 by Ramirez, a pentagram, a satanic symbol, UPI reported at the time.Netflix

The series is told primarily through the perspective of the detectives who investigated Ramirez’s crimes, but also includes the perspectives of the surviving victims and journalists.

Between 1984 and 1985, Ramirez, who allegedly left satanic symbols behind horrific crime scenes, terrorized neighborhoods in Los Angeles and San Francisco with a series of home invasions, often leading to murders and rapes. In September 1989, he was convicted of five counts of attempted murder and 14 counts of theft.

NBC Bay Area reported that he died in 2013 of complications due to B-cell lymphoma as he had been on the death line for more than 23 years.

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