Netflix’s gaming documentary High Score is a nostalgia trip worth a watch

High Score (Netflix)© Netflix

Given how large the gaming business has grown over the past few decades, there are remarkably few traditional documentaries that still discuss the fast-growing medium. More recently, it is fan-supported YouTube channels like Noclip and even the developers themselves who are making the best documentary material, and majority of A recent Tony Hawk documentary that focused slightly more on skateboarding than a series of games. Traditional TV is rarely broadcast anything As an old guard, the medium related to gaming continues to be ignored.

Enter everyone’s favorite interruption, Netflix, which has produced high score, A six-part documentary narrated by none other than the announced ‘Golden Age’ of gaming Mario Myself, Charles martinet. We know what you’re thinking, and no, it is his regular, smooth, soothing voice and not by Nintendo’s iconic plumber to take us on this journey through gaming history. We might not even be able to fill our stomach.

High Score (Netflix)© Netflix

Each of the six forty-plus-minute episodes has a different theme and theme; For example, the first episode centers on the rise and bounce of Arcades and the emergence of domestic consoles in the late 70s and early 80s.

In terms of structure, it is more in-depth than choice and a real-time mix of inter-split events with personal interviews Tomohiro Nishikoda, Creator of Space Invaders; Toru Evatani, Creator of Pac-Man; John kirbyNotorious Nintendo Lawyer; And SEGA of America CEO Tom Kalinske to name just a few.

Further episodes focus on the rise of Nintendo and its NES system, the storyline of the role-game origins, the fierce console war between Sega and the Arc-Nemesis Nintendo, and the rise of the PC game at the end Doom And the beginning of the Internet era in the mid-90s.

If the companies were actors, Nintendo plays the lead role in the series, appearing in some form in almost all episodes – meaning if you’re reading this Nintendo life, This is probably going to interest you.

Unless it should be considered a definitive history of the period by any section, and of course – you’ll probably already know a lot of facts – it’s the interviews depicted in the series that are really worth your time, Reveal fascinating insights. The people behind many iconic games from the era and their personal approach to game design.

High Score (Netflix)© Netflix

Another thing that shines is the presentation. Shot in stunningly beautiful 4K, the series Ojes style it as real-life footage of mixed reality sprites as well as lots of on-point animated pixel art, a real treat for the eyes as well as the ears Mixes with.

So, until we can say that the series is worth getting a subscription to a new Netflix, if you already have one (or have access to one), we would wholeheartedly recommend that the show be in your time 5- Be worth 6 hours. , Either to take a trip down memory lane or to see what a nuisance was when all of us older gamers were young and influential.

The high score is available on Netflix today, August 19, 2020.


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