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Netflix sued by the editors of Choose Your Own Adventure on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch


The editor of the Choose your own adventure series of books is suing Netflix about its interactive Black mirror episode Bandersnatch. Chooseco filed its lawsuit against Netflix today in a Vermont court, accusing Netflix of intentionally infringing the trademark "Choose Your Own Adventure" and claiming that the episode is so dark that it will tarnish the books' reputation.

The complaint, as published by Polygon, states that Netflix began trying to obtain the Choose Your Own Adventure license from 2016. While the companies engaged in "extensive negotiations", Netflix allegedly did not obtain the license. Chooseco says that it has already sent cease and desist notices about its registered trademark "on at least one occasion" with respect to a different television program, possibly one of the previous interactive programs focused on Netflix children.

Chooseco disagrees with Bandersnatch & # 39; s the protagonist Stefan Butler describing a fictional interactive novel (which is also titled Bandersnatch) as "a book of" Choose your own adventure ", which implies that it is an official part of the series. He is particularly annoyed with the reference because Bandersnatch it is "a dark film" that "may include references and representations of a demonic presence, violent fights, use of drugs, murder, mutilation of a corpse, decapitation and other disturbing images". that.) "The association with this gloomy content tarnishes Chooseco's famous trademark," the complaint says.

Chooseco requests damages of at least $ 25 million for the alleged infringement of Netflix. Netflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The video streaming company resolved a similar lawsuit last year with the Satanic Temple, which accused Netflix of copying elements of its Baphomet design into the original series. The chilling adventures of Sabrina.

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