Netflix releases trailer for Chadwick Boseman’s final film

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the August Wilson adaptation Ma Rainey Black Black from the late actor Chadwick Boseman’s final film, the Oscar-coincidence.

The Black Panther star, who died in August at the age of 43, was already suggested posthumously for her performance in the film as a contender for the Oscars, which starred “Mothers of the Blues” starring Will Davis. “Ma tells the story of Rainey. The battle for control with his white producer, while recording an album towards the end of his career. Bosman plays the ambitious trumpeter Levey.

“He was not meant to compete with Chadwick’s mother, but he was my child,” he told the actor, previously playing his mother in the James Brown biopic Get On Up. “Chadwick was an artist. That’s it Was… He loved it, he demanded In every way. It was incredible to see this for a youth. ”

The film is produced by Daniel Washington, who previously directed and starred in Wilson’s adaptation of Fans, in which Davis won his first Oscar.

“He was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist who would stay with us for eternity through his brilliant performances about his short-lived illustrious career,” Washington said of Bosman, whose British American Drama Academy midsummer program Was given tuition for

Bossman died of colon cancer in August, as the film was in post-production, while he did not want to tell others about his illness while making the film.

“I always looked tired,” David said last month. “I look at their beautiful, incredible team that was meditating and massaging them, and I now realize that all they do is try to influence her to work at her optimum level. And he got it. ”

This year saw the Bosman star in Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, a role that could also see him posthumously receiving a Best Supporting Actor nomination.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom will be released in select theaters in November before the Netflix launch in December.


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