Netflix is ​​bringing back the black sitcom Mosha and Sister Sister, and I can’t contain my excitement

Spread the word: Netflix has secured Rights to stream some of the best black sitcoms of the 90s and 2000s – including my personal favorites Moesha, Sister’s sister, And Parkers, Of which I remember watching as a little girl. I still remember that I was singing R&B theme songs for each show to turn on the TV (they were so energetic and catchy that I missed the words word by word), and how amazing it was to watch Demographic TV sitcom its target. There were not even a ton of black TV shows, the black woman took over, focusing on the things I personally struggled with growing up.

I was very young when these three shows had their initial runs (I was born in 1995), but thanks to a reunion in the 2000s, I got to experience these shows and get viewers to watch each show during their original run Audience why they liked him so much. I remember for promotion and bumper Sister’s sister When it was syndicated on the Disney Channel. I remember watching The N (now Teenkiq) Moesha. In 2009, BET was showing Parkers.

What happened to me, watching these shows, at that age I focused on the things I struggled with. Sister’s sister Too focused on low self-esteem and insecurity; In one such episode, the twins join an unpopular cheerleading squad and panic until their parents explain that they don’t have to worry about others.

One of my favorite episodes Moesha Even when he needed a jeep, he got Shani from his father. Seeing Moyasha overreacting, I realized that I did the same; I did not always appreciate the things my mother had bought for me. Parkers There was also an episode where a clown dies in a freak accident and it pulls the mother out of a foul smell; I have many moments growing up where I felt like the world was out to get me or I was unimportant, and that was your blessing for a moment. From time to time (especially today) this episode sticks in my mind due to that message, even though the plot of the episode is a bit wacky. It also includes one of the funniest moments on the show, in my opinion:

It means so much to me that these shows are coming to Netflix in the next few months because up until this point, it was impossible for me to watch them binge and relive my childhood. Sadly, not all of them will be available at once (Moesha Debut on August 1st), but that would give me time to watch each show before the next show arrives.

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