Netflix CEO Reid Hastings: I was lying when I said ‘family is the most important’

In an interview Thursday with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, Hastings said the marriage counselor he had with his wife of 29 years helped her see that he was “a systematic lie.” He would say things like, “Family is most important” – not because he meant it, but because “it was traditional to say so.”

Hastings revealed the text in his new book “No Rules, Rules” this week.

The CEO said that even though he is estimating those values, if an employee has an issue then he will stay at work at night. He neglected his family. But that changed, eventually.

Hastings said of his relationship with his wife, “In my marriage, I became a lot more honest and forthright and it helped us a lot.”

“The wedding counselor turned out to be the best CEO coach ever,” says Hastings.

Hastings has also sought to improve their work relations. Speaking about his push for “radical candor” within Netflix – Hastings said a vice president of Netflix recently told him that he is “inconsistent” and that he “does not encourage criticism.” He said that with his success, it is still painful to get negative feedback, but it helps him explore the changes that need to be made rather than “fight” – which he acknowledges is his natural inclination is.

Different Facebook (American Plan), Twitter (TWTR) And other tech giants – Hastings doesn’t believe that a significant portion of Netflix’s employees will be permanently working at home.

Although he is waiting to return to office one day, he notes that he has been working “at night and on weekends” for 20 years. Still, Hastings is eager to return to the office as soon as there is a vaccine.

“It’s not for every day thing,” he said. “It is meant to live together with other humans and build those relationships.”

Of netflix (NFLX) The CEO said that building international relations is particularly important for the streaming service.
In January 2019, Netflix pulled an episode of the “Patriot Act” from a streaming service in Saudi Arabia after it criticized the official account of the murder of Jamal Khashogi.

When Harlow asked if Hastings could explain the decision and if he would do it again, Hastings said it was a “very difficult decision”, adding that the company was able to put the episode on YouTube in Saudi Arabia, But not on Netflix.

When it comes to shifting and adapting production due to coronoviruses, Hastings said Netflix is ​​capable of production in Canada, Europe and Asia – where coronavirus is less widespread than in the United States.

Netflix added 16 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2020, as people began watching home and binge on the streaming service. The platform added 10 million subscribers in the second quarter (thanks, “Tiger King!”) And now has more than 183 million subscribers globally.
Netflix’s stock has risen nearly 55% over the past year.

The company has tried to share that success with the black community, as the world suffers from racism. The company promised $ 100 million to black-owned banks and Hastings donated $ 120 million to historically black colleges and universities.

Hastings told Harlow, “If every large corporation takes 1% of its cash and deposits it in a black bank, it will be transformational in that area.” “Now, this is not going to solve all our problems, but it will make a real difference and it is quite easy for companies.”