Netanyahu confirms Russia helped Israeli-Syrian broker swap prisoners and dodges report that vaccines were in a deal

After a major Israeli national security blog reported that Russia was secretly negotiating a prisoner swap with Syria, that Israel would buy the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia in order for Syria to strike the deal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu half confirmed and denied the news Saturday night. . “I mean, not a single Israeli vaccine was for this,” Netanyahu said. “I thank President Putin that we did this. And more than this, I will not add because that was the Russian request. “The terms of the deal were first reported by blogger Richard Silverstein, and later confirmed by The New York Times. The Israeli authorities described the prison swap as a standard swap; an anonymous Israeli woman imprisoned in Syria by two shepherds. A source also confirmed to Wall street journal that vaccines were part of the deal. The Guardian reported in January that native Palestinians were being excluded from Israel’s vaccination campaign.

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