Nene leaked against ‘Racist’ Andy Cohen, Wendy Williams, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Real housewives of atlanta Star is not happy with NeNe Leakes, Andy Cohen or Wendy Williams – and if her recent Twitter rant is more than a bluff, she may just be overpowered by someone taking the court over her.

Oh and did i mention that it’s all over Watch what happens live Segment after the show?

Cohen knew what he was doing when he booked Williams, Leake’s longtime frenzied foe for his show. And sure enough, Williams took a moment to chime in on Leakes latest departure Real housewives On WWHL, Williams prepared with some skeptical skepticism. “You’ll get him back,” Williams told Cohen. “Nene loves meditative-dramatic meditation.”

“I don’t know what NeNe is going to do for the money,” Williams said. “I’m not trying to count coins, but Housewives It is one thing that all girls use to promote their other goods. And while Nene is famous as Bethenny, Bethenny turns it into one Valid Multi-million dollar position. ”

Williams also spread his flames due to the possibility of leaks and in the same way other OGs Housewives Stars like Lisa Vanderpump have. “It’s going to be like Gregg [Leakes’ husband] And Nan, how are you going to give them another reality show? “He asked.” It’s bored. How about being Nene’s grandmother? It is boring. You know, NeNe and her own children? It is boring. Trying to explore Hollywood? It’s boring. ”

The leak was not revealed. On Sunday night, he sparked a Twitter tweet against both Cohen and Williams, Writing, “Both are F. Their ratings are low! Bye Quince.”

Cocaine abuse, referencing Williams’ past struggles with leaks Continuous, “He’s on cocaine so they should stop using him to talk! They need my help with his poor rating.” (A representative for Williams declined the Daily Beast’s request for comment .)

And Cohen, about leaks The couple, “Keep trying me sir and Imma tell the world who you really are.”

It did not take long for Leckes to get a little more specific – and it was at this point that he left an ambiguous legal threat.

“I will always eat well and eat!” Leakes wrote In relation to his financials. “Trust him. I generally believe in multiple streams of income, so the leaks are good. You head cocaine and you’re racist. Nobody knew you until you knew me.” Remember I am ICON. Don’t forget. ”

“They always manipulate black women to say negative things about each other while they enjoy sitting down and tearing each other up!” Leakes Continuous. “Remember #BLM remember #breonnataylor most racist network.”

“They left my name out of these shows,” leaked The couple. “Send me the information of your best discrimination lawyers for [email protected] ITS WAR.”

“Racist is the master manipulator!” Leakes wrote. “They are using me for ratings like they have always done.”

Representatives of Cohen and Bravo did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment. A source tells The Daily Beast that if Williams addresses Maudling, it will be on his talk show.

Appeared on leak Real housewives of atlanta After being largely absent from the show for two seasons before its debut in 2008 through Season 7. She moved on to season 10, but that reunion was short-lived; Earlier this month, Leake announced that she dropped out before season 13.

RhoA Long seen Housewives The series is, and leaked, as she is well known, its most widely recognized star. It is reported that perhaps this is why, like last year, Leakes was the highest paid star within the franchise.

Still, signs of trouble had already begun to make their way to the screen before Leake announced that he was leaving again this fall. (She, after all, went off-camera twice!) RhoA Virtual reunion in May.)

When Leakes announced an exit earlier this month, it indicated that it was not a painless break-up at all.

“I’ve been on an extremely, very long, tedious, tedious, emotional conversation,” she said at the time. “A lot of emotions are blowing from both sides. roughing it. And I made a very difficult and difficult decision not to be part of it Real housewives of atlanta Season 13. It was not an easy decision for me. It was tough. ”

In a statement, Bravo said, “We wish Nene all the best in her future endeavors and thank her for sharing her journey of over a decade with Atlanta’s Real Housewives fans.”. ‘ She has been important from the start and will truly be missed, and maybe one day she will catch peaches again. ”

And now, like Clockwork, is scheduled to appear on leaks Tamron hall later this week. Bloop!


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