Neil Walker Election Free Agency

The Feelies announced that veteran fielders Neil Walker, Whom he nominated for the assignment last Friday, chose free agency after clearing the wavers. Philadelphia also restored Scott Kingery From the injured list and as an alternative Ranger Suarez For optional training site.

Walker, 35, struggled for the .231 / .244 / .308 slash through 18 games and 41 plate appearances before being named on Friday. Phils opted to swap her for a teammate Ronald Torris, Which gives him an option at shortstop – a position not on Walker’s repertoire – and other locations around the infield to provide a better overall glove.

Although Walker was not particularly sharp with the arrows, he notched a solid .261 / .344 / .395 batting line with the Marlins last year. He was also a consistently productive hitter from 2010–17, landing a combined .273 / .342 / .439 in 4294 plate appearances between the Pirates, Mets and Brewers. He will be eligible to sign with any club for the duration of the season he should choose. If he works with a new club by tomorrow, he will be eligible for his new club’s posts roster.