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Negotiators seeking to reach an agreement on Monday night to avoid closure

Lawmakers involved in negotiations to avoid a second government shutdown say they intend to reach an agreement on Monday night.

Sens. Patrick LeahyPatrick Joseph LeahyLawmakers reach an agreement & # 39; in principle & # 39; to avoid closing. Fighting to avoid a closure Negotiators try to reach an agreement on Monday night to avoid closure MORE (D-Vt.) Y Richard ShelbyRichard Craig ShelbyLawmakers come to an agreement & # 39; in principle & # 39; to avoid closure The fight to avoid a closure Negotiators try to reach an agreement on Monday night to avoid closure MORE (R-Ala.), The two main members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said a core group of four legislators, including themselves and representatives. Nita LoweyThe culture that appreciates innocent life & # 39; by Nita Sue LoweyTrump hurts many overseas lawmakers divided over how to end closures forever The Hill & # 39; s Morning Report – House Dems prepares to flood Trump with investigations MORE (D-N.Y.) And Kay GrangerNorvell (Kay) Kay GrangerLawmakers haggling over border dollars much lower than Trump's demand Negotiators are running out of time to reach an agreement to avoid closing Money: the Senate Republican Party believes Trump would win the voting in case of emergency | Why are the negotiators optimistic and will they reach an agreement? Trump, the head of the Fed dinner in the middle of tensions | The Treasury prepares to fight against Trump's tax returns MORE (R-Texas) would meet again at 8 p.m. with the aim of reaching an agreement to break the deadlock of the months.

"I think we both agree that we can summarize this tonight, do it tonight, do not check until tomorrow," Leahy told reporters after a central group met for the second time Monday night.

Shelby added that the group was currently talking about "serious and serious things" and that the goal was to conclude the talks. and get an "agreement in principle" on Monday night.

"We are talking about reaching an agreement on all this," he said, adding that the odds have "improved but have not crystallized."

Congress has until Friday to obtain a financing agreement for President trumpDonald John Trump Trump says that Warren should focus "more on his heritage" than on investigating his Trump businesses: people who say the wall has not made a difference in El Paso are "full of garbage" The Republican Party promotes the Trump line reflecting the slogan of the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign MOREon the desk if they are going to avoid the second partial closure in so many months.

In addition to funding about a quarter of the government, including the Department of Homeland Security, lawmakers must resolve the struggle for funding the US border fence. UU And Mexico.

Leahy and Shelby were very concerned about what had happened during the closed-door negotiations that made them think that an agreement could be reached on Monday night.

But Shelby told reporters after the initial meeting behind closed doors on Monday that they had "reopened the negotiations" and that they were no longer "stuck."

The signal of progress is a radical U-turn even from the previous Monday, when both sides said the talks had stalled due to an obstacle related to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention beds.

Shelby said on Fox News on Sunday that the talks had stalled and put the chances of reaching an agreement at 50-50.

Democrats have proposed a limit on the number of ICE detention beds, arguing that it would force the Trump administration to focus on "serious offenders," and that the numbers were in line with those of the Obama administration.

An opening offer by Democrats late last month included funds for an average daily population of 35,520 detainees, but legally limited the average daily population in detention centers to 16,500 between the date of the possible enactment of an agreement and the end of fiscal year 2019.

But Republicans lashed out at the lawsuit on Monday, arguing that Democrats in the House of Representatives were threatening the chances of reaching an agreement.

Majority leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnell, struggling to avoid a shutdown Negotiators trying to reach an agreement on Monday night to avoid closing McConnell: 'Frical Fringe' added 'Poisonous Pickup' to closing talks MORE (R-Ky.) He accused the House Democrats of bending over to the "radical fringe" and dropping a "poisonous pill" in the negotiations.

"This is a poisonous pill that no administration, neither this nor the previous one, should accept," McConnell said from the floor of the Senate. "Imagine the absurdity of this: Democrats in the House of Representatives want to set a limit on the number of criminal aliens our government can stop."

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