Nebraska to vote on gambling expansion

The state’s highest court ruled Thursday that expanded legal gambling would appear on the November ballot in Nebraska.

The Sioux City Journal reported that the court’s 4-3 decision overruled an August ruling by Secretary of State Bob Avanon (R), which excluded three gambling initiatives from gambling.

Ho-Chunk Inc., the economic development arm of the Winebago Tribe of Nebraska, lobbied millions for the initiative. The three measures include one that would amend the state constitution to allow casinos to gamble and two more taxes and regulations around it.

Avon blocked the gambling initiative on the grounds that they could potentially confuse voters.

According to an Omaha-area ABC affiliate, Avon said in August, “There is not a single issue in the petitions. They need to cover the same issue.” “I consider the fact that being disclosed is not misleading. Voters will be confused.”

Avon also cited the fact that a petition sets aside money for property tax relief.

He said, “It has nothing to do with the expansion of gambling and the fact that you have divided it into some other initiative.

Separately, according to a local NBC affiliate, the court voted to block a medical marijuana initiative from a November vote that had two justified differences.

The court wrote, “If voters wisely adopt state policy regarding the use of medicinal cannabis, they should first be allowed to decide on the issue alone.” “As proposed, NMCCA includes more than one subject – by our count, it includes at least eight subjects.”


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