Nebraska identifies variant P.1 of COVID-19

LINCOLN, Nebraska (KOLN) – The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Nebraska Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) have confirmed the first known cases of the Brazilian variant of COVID-19, known as P.1, in the state . Two cases have been identified in Douglas County. Investigations are ongoing and ongoing. The P.1 variant has spread throughout the United States and is likely more contagious, according to DHHS.

According to DHHS, test platforms like Test Nebraska and others will continue to produce a “positive” result for variant P.1 (and other variants). The vaccines are expected to remain effective.

DHHS and NPHL have been working to increase sequencing capabilities within the state. Higher volumes of sequencing began in the state in January, and NPHL currently has the capacity to sequence more than 100 samples per week.

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