Nearly 50 arrested among NYPD officers amidst protests for Amit elections

After a quiet election night in the context of the expected unrest in New York City, some intense clashes ensued, as largely peaceful protesters counted for every single vote in the historic presidential election.

Police say more than 50 people were arrested, including a woman who was seen calling a NYPD officer a “fascist” and spitting at him, but there were no reports of widespread destruction, including five Many shops in the Borough were expected to have boarding windows. However, this could still happen until millions of votes are counted and with increasing demand for every single legally cast ballot, city officials and the NYPD say they want to do nothing in the coming days Are ready.

The first major “count of every vote” demonstration took place Wednesday on the streets of Midtown Manhattan. Hundreds of protesters marched down Fifth Avenue in an organized and peaceful demonstration led by bicycles to help clear intersections of traffic. The group was also accompanied by a large police presence, which allowed them to march.

Protesters have gathered in cities across the country on Wednesday to count all legally elected ballots in the presidential election.

The march began with just a few dozen people near the public library and accelerated as they reached Washington Square Park, where about 1,000 people gathered. As the night approached, the NYPD said that garbage was started in different parts of the West Village, with police arresting more than 20 people. The NYPD said those arrested “attempted to set fire”, staging a peaceful protest to throw garbage and eggs at police. It was not immediately clear what charges he faced.

According to a NYPD spokesman, a video posted by a New York Post reporter was allegedly seen spitting on a law enforcement officer in a video posted by a New York Post reporter, 24-year-old Devina of Schwenksville, Pennsylvania She was a lion. Singh has been accused of several charges and his arrest for resisting arrest and illegal assembly.

The NYPD’s Twitter account quoted the footage as saying, “Such acts will not be tolerated. Activists carrying out these acts will be arrested.” (Warning: The video below contains profanity.)

De Blasio said during his Coronovirus press hearing Thursday that this is not the first time agitators from outside the city have witnessed protests in the city, including protests against police brutality during the summer. However, the mayor said that the number of protesters taken to the streets overall is lower than what was originally anticipated.

“I think we can safely say that most people simply want to see the election result objectively. They want to know a result as soon as possible and then we are all in a position to move forward.” He is not seeing a “special problem” at the moment with many state-agitators. “Most people in New York want this election to be just a peaceful approach to the dynamic and ability to move and move forward.”

There were some other tense moments between officials and protesters just north of Washington Square Park. Police installed bicycle blockers to prevent protesters from marching on Fifth Avenue near East 8 Street, instead of walking on the sidewalk. Some protesters pushed, resulting in confrontations and eventual arrests.

Police said the group was not connected to earlier groups, which used to march down from Midtown. There were 14 arrests in separate protests near Union Square for obstructing government administration and illegal assembly.

When asked during his Thursday coronaires press briefing about reports of possible cases of police violence against protesters, de Blasio said he was still reviewing all the information that occurred during the protests and the nuances of last night We are planning to communicate with police officers about . However, he said violence cannot be allowed in the city, although the goal is always to end any situation.

De Blasio said, “We cannot allow violence. Be clear. Attacks on people, arson, assault on officers, property attacks, we simply cannot allow this and we will not do that.” “But at the same time, the goal is always to de-escalate and that’s what is important.”

De Blasio also said that anyone who takes part in the violence “will experience the consequences.”

He said, “Most people who protest peacefully, we know that”. “The majority come out of concern for their community and their country. Very few people commit violence, but those who do violence will have to really understand, there are going to be real consequences for them.”

Officials at the rallies said they seized weapons from some members of the crowd, including stun guns, M80 fireworks and dagger-style knives.

The night before, there were no reports of any election night mayhem or even any heated protest. Just before 10 o’clock at night, a crowd gathered and marched near Washington Square Park, while another crowd of massive Trump supporters outside Trump Tower was seen on Fifth Avenue. A large police presence was seen in both places and protesters, most of whom were advocates of social justice who had been marching for months, were peaceful.

If there are any protests in New York City on election night, the NYPD thinks they will be outside Trump Tower. Miles Miller takes you there.


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