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No matter what Baylor does in the next few hours, it will all be about Gonzaga. As we promoted it all the way at the beginning of the men’s tournament, the main story was whether any team could stop Gonzaga’s attempt to not only win his first NCAA Championship, but also to achieve an undefeated season.

In fact, we may have just witnessed the Gonzaga Bulldogs’ biggest challenge ever at the UCLA Bruins, who managed to make an unprecedented journey from the First Four to the Final Four and then forced Gonzaga into overtime and nearly forced him. to play a second. . Then of course Jalen Suggs hit a legendary 3-pointer instantly from almost midfield to put them to a game of perfection.

It’s three o’clock for Jalen Suggs.

It was a great game, to the point where the instant analysis ended up being “maybe that really was the Men’s Championship Game.” Well, the Baylor Bears might be hoping everyone is overlooking them. After all, before Gonzaga proved vulnerable for the first time in the entire tournament, fighting for an 11th-seeded upstart, Baylor absolutely ran down No. 2 Houston 78-59. If they are overlooked as just a footnote to the Gonzaga story, well maybe that will work for them.

That’s the flip side of all this about the Bulldogs – all the pressure is on Mark Few’s team. Gonzaga spent most of his existence as the greatest medium who could never win the big game, always failing at the most important moment. Until this race, their most memorable moment was Adam Morrison breaking down in tears on the court when they were crushed by (of all teams) UCLA. Literally unbeatable all season long, there’s a very real chance that if they don’t win this final game, the time will never come. They almost saw it all fall apart on Saturday and if they fight today, well, Baylor will start to smell blood. Maybe this comes out as written, with Gonzaga easily handling Baylor or maybe … or maybe this is because of who has the ball last.

This is how this is supposed to be, of course it all comes down to the players on the court. We talk about the programs, the coaches, the seeds, the brackets and everything that surrounds the tournament, but it is about the athletes on the court. They are the reason we look and ultimately control the outcome. Okay, that sounds a bit of a stretch, but that’s what college basketball does to even those of us who remain extremely cynical about everything that goes on behind the scenes.

If you’d like to join today’s live blog, feel free to email your thoughts to [email protected] or send a tweet to @HunterFelt. It’s the NCAA men’s national basketball championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium. They say we’ll start around 9:20 pm EST, but we’ll be back here much earlier.


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