NCAA basketball season opened one day before Thanksgiving

The NCAA men’s and women’s basketball season will begin November 25, the day before Thanksgiving.

The Division I Council voted on Wednesday to push back the date, which was originally scheduled to begin November 10, as one of several precautions against the spread of coronaires.

Concerns about COVID-19’s potential late-fall and early-winter fluctuations lead to a later start date with the decision made to send students home by January. Closed campuses can serve as semi bubbles for players and provide a window for illegal games.

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“The fact that our campuses will be cleaned will make it possible to control further exposures, and the 25th provides us with that opportunity,” said Division I Council President Grace Culhoun, who is athletic director at Penn Huh.

The men’s and women’s basketball oversight committees jointly recommended a November 21, Saturday start date. Calhoun said the council wanted to avoid the weekend start date due to the possible overlap of basketball and football games on campus.

The maximum number of regular-season games has been reduced from 31 to 27.

“The reasoning was that teams play an average of two games a week during the season, so we are shortening this season by two weeks, requiring a reduction in games, so we are not responding and jamming more Trying a short season, ”Kalhon said.

The minimum game to be considered for the NCAA tournament was reduced from 13. to 25. Kalhoun said at least there is an acceptability that schools will probably experience different levels of COVID-19 cases and the program will have to be tweaked.

He said, “We’re totally predicting that there are going to be some issues, a lot we’ve seen in football as we go through the season, so we want the institutions to have the flexibility for a season together ,” he said.

Teams can start practice practice. 14. From Monday, teams will be allowed to participate in strength and conditioning and sports-related meetings and up to 12 hours a week with skill instruction, an eight-hour limit on skill instruction.

No investigation is allowed against other teams or exhibitions. It was also recommended that each team play a minimum of four illegal games.

The council is scheduled to meet again on October 13-14 and may delay the start date and replace other pieces of the basketball framework in the circumstances surrounding the virus warrant.

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The council also voted to extend the deadline of recruitment for all sports to January. 1. A person admitted during a deceased period is prohibited, although phone calls and other correspondence are permitted.

Also approved was the Civil Engagement Law. Practicing, competing and other athletically related activities will be prohibited on Tuesday, including Election Day on Tuesday, November 3, after the first Monday of November each year.

The Division I Student-Athlete Advisory Committee proposed legislation to provide one day each year to increase opportunities for athletes to participate in activities such as voting or community service.