NC Coronavirus update 30 December: Gov. To give COPID 19 update to Roy Cooper at 2 pm as the matrix continues in the wrong direction

Raleights, NC (WTVD) – Here are the latest updates about COVID-19, a novel coronavirus-causing disease in North Carolina.

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Wednesday morning heads
More than 63,000 people have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in North Carolina.

The state is reportedly receiving more than 100,000 doses of Pfizer and Modern vaccines this week. Those doses are still being reserved for specific workers and there is no specific date for when vaccines will be introduced to the general public.

Gov. Roy Cooper and other state health officials will give COVID-19 updates at 2 pm today. ABC 11 will air that update on television and online.

The IRS will begin sending a second round of incentive checks to millions of Americans on Wednesday. Checks include $ 600 for eligible citizens and $ 600 for each dependent child.

Most Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell blocked two Democratic attempts to raise the amount of those checks to $ 2,000. McConnell is trying to link those checks with other Republican Wish List items, such as reviewing the 2020 presidential election and repealing protections for social media companies.

The new COVID-19 metrics in North Carolina are expected to be released around noon Wednesday. Yesterday’s metrics showed a steady increase in the number of people hospitalized with the virus.

4 pm
Wake County Public Health has confirmed an outbreak of COVID-19 at Wellington Rehabilitation and Healthcare, at 1000 Tandal Place in Knightdale.

This is the second outbreak in this facility. The last outbreak occurred in April. No additional information about residents or employees within the facility will be disclosed.

at 2 pm
The Department of Public Safety said that a former prison inmate, who tested positive for COVID-19, died.

“We sympathize with the offender’s family, because it is quite difficult to lose a loved one, but especially during the holiday season,” said prison commissioner Todd Ishii. “We are working diligently to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in our prisons because the health and safety of the workforce and the delinquent population is our top priority.”

The offender tested positive for COVID-19 on 18 December and was hospitalized the same day. His condition worsened, and he died on 24 December.

The perpetrator was a male in his early 70s, whose underlying health condition was, the Department of Public Safety said.

1:01 AM
The Halifax County Health Department reports 15 new cases for a total of 2,788 positive COVID 19 cases.

There have been 45 deaths in the county – 1.7% of COVID 19 cases.

12:40 PM
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 3,563 new COVID-19 cases, consistent with reporting the previous two days but fewer than in previous weeks. However, the state recorded only 18,846 new trials, a sharp decrease from previous weeks when the state was reporting at least twice the amount each day.

As a result, the percentage of positive tests reached 13.5% on Sunday, nearly three times the state’s 5% or less. Hoke County has one of the highest percentages of 17.9% positive tests in the state.

Currently, 3,377 people are hospitalized COVID-19, thus far the highest number reported in the epidemic. In the last 24 hours, 361 confirmed COVID-19 patients have been admitted to hospitals. In total, 761 adult COVID-19 patients are in the ICU, the highest record ever. Currently, 397 ICU beds are available and over 2,000 are in use.

At 11:11
The Lee County Government Department of Health said it has begun managing the COVID-19 vaccine to frontline healthcare workers according to Phase 1A of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) vaccine delivery plan.

“The department received the county’s first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine on December 22,” said Heath Cain, LCG director of healthcare. “We have a limited supply and have concentrated our initial efforts to advance vaccines, with healthcare workers at greatest risk of COVID-19. The department continues to work closely with NCDHHS, But we are unable to estimate how soon we are. Proceed through the various stages of the vaccine rollout plan as we do not know when and how much vaccine we will receive. Additional information on the availability of department vaccines as soon as information is available Will share. “

The county health department has received a shipment of the vaccine. The vaccines, distributed by the Lee County Health Department, have been manufactured by Modern and will require a second shot after four weeks.

The vaccination rollout plan will take several months to complete; Meanwhile, the public is reminded that to help prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19, the public must continue wearing three W – a mask; Wait six feet or more away from others to maintain a safe social distance; And wash your hands.

At 11 am
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is partnering with North Carolina Central University’s Advanced Center for COVID-19 Related Inequalities (NCCU ACCORD) to ensure comprehensive COVID-19 information ensures it reaches outlined communities in North Carolina Be effective in The purpose of the partnership is to help everyone make informed decisions about COVID-19 vaccines.

NCDHHS Deputy Secretary for Health Services and Historically Marginal Population Working Group, e. “As the epidemic historically adversely affects marginalized communities, it is imperative that we be the most affected,” said co-head Benjamin Money, Jr. miles per hour. “By partnering with ACCORD, we are better able to ensure that we build trust in the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in the American Indian, African American, and LatinX populations, as well as those without internet access. Engage. “

NCDHHS and ACCORD have partnered on a joint survey to complement the state’s existing consumer research data and to support ongoing communication efforts. The data will help inform materials and outreach efforts to provide accurate and reliable information that aligns with the needs and concerns of different communities.

Deepak Kumar, director of Julius L., quoted PhD director Deepak Kumar as saying, “As a two-way exchange of information, this resource-sharing platform will greatly benefit all North Carolinians and improve the state and its communities It will help to serve. ” Chambers Biomedical Biotechnology Research Institute (BBRI) and founder of the ACCORD program. “The partnership will support our efforts to serve as a resource for the underscore community through our network of community leaders and health partners.”

9:47 AM
A drive-through COVID-19 test program is scheduled for Wednesday morning from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Moore County Health Department, 705 Pinehurst Avenue, in Cartridge.

TUESDAY Morning Headline
Three new free COVID-19 test sites open at Raleigh.

Marsh Creek Park, Roberts Park, and Method Community Park are three new sites that incorporate Drive Building Building, Ready’s Labs, and Swineburne parking lots as drive-through test locations.

Click here for more information about each location.

Health officials suggest returning from a holiday trip or celebrations to test three to five days after your last contact with people outside your bubble.

The tests at these drive-through locations are completely independent and results usually return in 24–48 hours.

Meanwhile, another COVID-19 vaccine candidate is advancing. Novavax is now the fifth company to launch large-scale trials in the US.

This vaccine is being mass-produced at Fujifilm Diocynth Biotechnology in Morrisville. Fujifilm has added 85 new jobs in Morrisville this year, and the company said it intends to expand again in 2021.

Vaccines already authorized by the FDA are now being distributed to nursing homes and long-term care facilities in our state.

CVS and Walgreens began vaccinating residents and staff members of those facilities on Monday.

Meanwhile, North Carolina hospitals are reporting more COVID-19 patients than ever before: 3,192. That number includes a record 733 adults in intensive care.

Despite the push to increase the number of tests performed, the positive rate continues to climb – reaching 14.7%, far exceeding the state’s target of below 5%.

Preparation to release new COVID-19 metrics around 12 pm

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