NBPA executive director Michelle Roberts is upset over the racial standard

Michelle Roberts, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, expressed displeasure at the crowd at the US Capitol in Washington on Wednesday and the incident reflected racial double standards in the US.

Roberts told ESPN that his interactions with several NBA players returned during the afternoon amid scenes of contradiction among supporters of President Donald Trump and a ruckus at the Capitol with Tuesday’s announcement that police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin Will not face any charges in the shooting. Jacob Blake, who is Black.

After the Blake shooting in August, the Milwaukee Bucks decided against playing a playoff game against the Orlando Magic in a league bubble at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The Bucks joined more teams and were shut down for three days before the league resumed.

“It started early yesterday, when the shooting of Jacob Blake was being justified, although I’m not sure a human was surprised at that discovery,” Roberts told ESPN on Wednesday. “Every single player who contacted me – or whom I contacted – justified the same connection as the Blake shooting. We were seeing these people essentially committing treason in the Capitol and I had yet to get a single shot. Not being heard

“We saw a black police officer chasing and the players said to me, ‘So this is what they can do?” And people do not have this privilege; I know how they are feeling. I am very angry and aching – and refuse to cry. It reminded me of something that James Baldwin said when asked what it was like to be? Negroes in the United States. He said that if you know what is happening in the country, and you are a negro, then you are in a state of anger.

“One day like this, this is the first thing that comes to mind. And I can say that I am grateful to know that hopefully there will be no one who looks like me, who responds to Capitol Hill. Is going, because if they do, you’ll see a different reaction by law enforcement. You know it – and I know it. “

Roberts told ESPN that there was no discussion with the NBA about postponing any of the 11 NBA games scheduled for Wednesday night. The Washington Wizards played the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia.


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