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The NBA's most important questions during this offseason at the free agency center on the drama Kawhi Leonard, and the Spurs Not even a free agent.

A year ago, the idea that Leonard was a topic of conversation larger than a free agent clbad introducing LeBron James would have caused a fan to laugh at the building. Now the division between the superstar and San Antonio Spurs seems so big that the NBA itself has stopped.

Leonard and James are far from being the only names mentioned, but little can happen without them, both because the big spenders want to make sure they can court them in the city and the players want to put themselves in the best possible position.

It should not be so surprising, then, learning one of the three biggest rumors at the moment depends on a domino effect and another suggests a pairing of superstars.

DeAndre Jordan

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Let's start with DeAndre Jordan, who is not partnering with other superstars or making other players wait.

However, Jordan might consider the idea of ​​helping a franchise that is heading in the right direction, as it seeks to become a serious competitor in a few years.

Most will remember the drama that surrounded the Jordan-Dallas-Los Angeles Clippers Mavericks a few years ago. Jordan verbally agreed to join the Mavericks and recovered him, staying with the Clippers only to become the last man standing after Blake Griffin and Chris Paul left.

Jordan is likely to reject his contract and look for something new, with Mike Fisher of 247Sports reporting that the Mavericks would still be interested because it is a "let begones [be] bygones" approach as "they need a center "

While there will be many options of centers in the market, Jordan is only 29 years old and a season ago he averaged 12.0 points, 15.2 rebounds and 0.9 blocks per game. He is an ideal veteran leader for a team like the Mavericks as they try to build around a core that now includes Dennis Smith Jr. and Luka Doncic, if not someone who can take the team to a marginal place every year.

Of course, Jordan has to choose not to do anything to make this happen, and he's looking at Friday's deadline.

Paul George

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George is not Leonard in regards to the free agent market and how it might affect other events, but we have all known year – if not out by many – it would have a gigantic impact on the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason.

George is a child from hometown, and his fate seemed to rest in joining the Lakers, although the Indiana Pacers threw a key into the plan.

There is a possibility that George may decide to stay in Oklahoma City, according to Sam Amick of USA Today who cited "pessimism in James Field" about George who chose to leave Thunder.

As stated in the report, George being dating the Thunder could mean terrible things for the Lakers' plans to get James. No great superstar to pair with James would mean no James.

Why would George want to stay? Carmelo Anthony has just decided on Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports.

In other words, combined with Russell Westbrook, the trio that won 48 games a year ago, while George, who averaged recent lows of 21.9 / 3.3 / 5.7 with 43 percent shooting, once again I would meet and give another go to the Western Conference.

Without George, James might find it easier to stay in the Eastern Conference and secure trips to the final. That is, depending on what happens with Leonard.

Kawhi Leonard

  SAN ANTONIO, TX - JANUARY 13: Kawhi Leonard # 2 of the San Antonio Spurs shows up before the game against the Denver Nuggets on January 13, 2018 in the AT & T Center in San Antonio, Texas. NOTE TO USER: The user expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by d

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If the Spurs have to lose Leonard this offseason, it will not be to the Western Conference. This is much that we can discern from simple logistics, although Amick reported this also recently.

That means the Cavaliers could be in play, of course.

The ruined relationship between Leonard and the Spurs based on the diagnosis and treatment of an injury until the playoffs seems irreparable at this point, beyond even the masterful reach of one Gregg Popovich.

But James' Cavaliers have something to do if they want to win in a bidding war, which is what will happen to a 26-year-old superstar, especially with teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics. sniff around a possible exchange.

According to Amick, the Cavaliers have already done something like an attempt: "According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the Cavs have asked for Leonard, but there is no traction in a possible agreement."

Hay There is probably no traction because the Cavaliers do not have much to offer unless they are convincing someone to take on Kevin Love. The 76ers have several draft badets to work with and prospects like Markelle Fultz and Darío Saric. The Celtics have always accumulated badets and have men like Jaylen Brown and Kyrie Irving to offer in exchanges.

For the Spurs, this is the best possible package to prepare the franchise for the future if it has to spit out a superstar, not appease a guy who has come out the door sending him to his preferred destination.

As a side, these teams probably participating in a bidding war for Leonard know that James could consider coming to town if they win. For the Cavaliers, some creative maneuvers and a bit of luck are necessary to avoid backsliding if they can not secure Leonard.


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