NBA referees will tweet in Game 3, answering fans about calls and rules

If there's one thing that all sports definitely need, it's the fans who can shout directly to the referees. If somehow you missed it: that was sarcasm. But it's something that will definitely happen when the NBA referees "twitteen in Game 3, react and respond in real time" to the fans on Wednesday night.

The announcement that arbitrators (without a name) will interact with fans, addressing calls and interpretation of the rules came through the official Twitter account of the National Association of Basketball Referees, @OfficalNBARefs, on Tuesday.

At first glance, this seems like an amazingly bad idea given the fact that the Internet is terrible and also that the fans of sports terrible. These referees will respond to queries made using the hashtag #RefWatchParty, which will undoubtedly be impossible to badyze and will cause a small amount of pain to whoever has that task.

But the final product SHOULD end up being the successful sifting the trash, followed by what hopefully will be a meaningful speech about calls made in the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

For what it's worth, the NBA league office is not part of the event, according to ESPN. During the All-Star break, the NBRA met with the players' union to better facilitate communication between the two, as ESPN pointed out.

This is another form of scope and should be positive, in theory. But, again … this is the Internet.

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