NBA President: LaMello Ball praise from D-Wade; James Harden hot as trade rumors; Step curry curry

The NBA’s 202-21 season opener is just a few days away, so it’s easy to dismiss the president in anticipation of the real thing. But, since the franchisees are very willing to remind us, you can’t skip the steps. The remaining preseason games are essential for young players (especially those without summer leagues) to gain experience and build chemistry with new teammates.

We saw both on Thursday, as No. 3 overall, with Lamello Ball impressing his Flash and Swagger on the court. Chemistry-wise, the Rockets got to see their latest free-agent signing, Christian Wood, on the court with their disgruntled superstar, James Harden. Perhaps unsurprisingly, things went very well.

Here’s a look at Thursday’s score as well as some thoughts of the night’s action.

NBA scores on Thursday, December 17

  • The Charlotte Hornets 123, Orlando Magic 115
  • Detroit Pistons 97, Washington Wizards 86
  • Houston Rockets 128, San Antonio Spurs 106
  • Memphis Grizzlies 128, Atlanta Hawks 106
  • Minnesota Timberwells 129, Dallas Mavericks 127 (OT)
  • Golden State Warriors 113, Sacramento Kings 109
  • Utah Jazz 125, Los Angeles Clippers 105

It rains in lamello

In his first two conference games, we had a good look at Lamello Ball’s superb passing ability and entertaining style of play, but one thing that he really didn’t do – make shots. Ball shot 3-for-15 from the field in his first two NBA appearances, including 2-for-9 from 3-point range, but turned up Thursday night against the Magic. Ball was seen as more comfortable shooting, leading the 4-of-9 3-pointers to N by 18 points – more than the six he made in his first two conference games.

Ball’s effort was enough to attract the attention of former Miami Heat superstar and future Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade. Not bad for your third press game.

He does not have the most traditional shooting mechanics, so he is a bit stereotypical, but consecutive 3s can greatly increase ball sealing, given his playmaking ability. It was a good sign for Hornet fans to see Ball around the rim for some time on Thursday, as he used craft and English to find bank angles in crowded places. He is far from a finished product, but Charlotte has to love what has been seen from Ball so far in this Presence.

Hearty is hot, and so are trade rumors

After showing up late at Rockets Camp and perhaps not in the best shape of his life, James Harden looked stiff enough in his first preseason action on Tuesday. He is still not the offensive machine we have grown from over the past several seasons, but Hardik looked much better in Thursday’s win over Spurs. He scored 20 points, nine assists and seven rebellions in 27 minutes, an 8-for-14 from the field and 3-for-6 from the 3-point category. He prepared himself for new teammate Christian Wood along with his fellow pocket passes.

It’s going to be super weird if Harden makes his regular season debut with the Rockets, noting that he already knows he wants out of Houston and the team is reportedly More options on the table After recent discussion. We have seen players like Anthony Davis try to play through the demands of the standing trade and it quickly turns ugly, but there is no denying that if Harden is on the court, he is the best in the game. Is one of

Kadhi cooks

His wife Ayesha may be the cook in the family, but Steph Curry heated things up on Thursday night. After making a 2-for-11 debut from 3-point range, Curry was suddenly 6-for-13 in the blink of an eye as he scored 16 third-quarter points on the way to 29 for the second straight game.

Curry carried the majority of the offensive load on his shoulder bypassing Kell Thompson this season, and it will be interesting to see how hot she can be on any given night. Warriors announcer Bob FitzGerald predicted that Curry set a single-game NBA record for both 3-pointers and 3-pointers this season, and you can see why. Depending on how oblivious he was to Steve Kerr’s offense, Curry could hold his second scoring title in his sights.

Houston, meet Christian

Since he was holed up on a Detroit Pistons squad last season, casual Rockets fans may not have understood why Christian Wood signed a three-year, $ 41 million contract for this offseason – they probably do now Huh. Wood’s tantalizing upside and unique skill set were on full display in his preseason opener on Thursday, as he scored 27 points, 10 rebounds, a block and a steal in less than 24 minutes.

Wood also hit two 3-pointers, reflecting a flurry of feathers that allowed him to shoot 39 percent last season. The Rockets left the center position altogether at the end of last season, but Wood may be the perfect compromise. He has the size and length to protect the rim, but also the skills of the guard and can lay the floor offensively. Although it would be fun to watch him work with Harden, to last longer.

Ja vs Try is a pleasure

It was just a presidential game, but it was impossible to watch the Hawks-Grizzlies matchup on Thursday, as the smile on your face as the league’s two best young point guards – Try Young and Jay Morant – went from head to head. Young finished with 15 points and six assists in 26 minutes, but struggled shooting the ball deep (2-for-8). On this night Morant gave him the best points in 18 minutes and 13 assists in 27 minutes.

With Morant just 21 years old and Young 22 years old, the league is going to have a big hand for the future. We’ve seen Dynamic Young Guards before, but both have the foresight to go with their scoring ability, which makes them watch programming.

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